When it comes to performance upgrades, you want to be sure that you are making the right decision. Often when you’re updating your car or motorbike, the brakes are neglected. This neglection of the brakes is easily done, however, it’s not recommended!

As the brakes not only ensure safety but also enhance the overall driving experience. As well as this, they’re easy to replace, especially when you choose a stainless steel braided brake hose from Brake Quip.


The first thing you’ll have to identify is whether you can you afford to upgrade your brake lines. If you can, the braided stainless steel brake lines are the most cost-efficient option.

In terms of expense, the stainless steel brake hoses are relatively inexpensive and made to last, enabling you to receive excellent value for money. Over time, the stainless steel braided brake hose will allow you to save money on performance upgrades.


When pressing on the brake pedal, how quickly does the brake fluid reach the brake pads? This will ultimately affect the efficiency of your vehicle and its ability to stop.

The rubber brake hoses are usually used when a car is bought new but these canpuncture easily making them suitable for temporary replacements.

Brake Quip supply the braided stainless steel brake lines to replace the existing OEM rubber brake hoses, these are designed to last longer and to operate more efficiently.

Driver experience.

When it comes to upgrading parts, you want to ensure that they perform to the best of their ability, in the same sense that you want to improve your driving experience. Brake lines that are made from rubber tend to expand when pressure is applied to the brake pedal. The time it takes for the brake fluid to transport to the brake pad is significantly longer than any stainless steel brake hoses!

For the driver and passengers, the delayed braking system will not make the experience enjoyable, it could well have life-threatening consequences!

Visual representation.

The appearance of a stainless steel braided brake hose is considered to be much sleeker than any rubber one. The stainless steel hoses provided by Brake Quip can have improvements on the inside and the outside, making the braking system cleaner and also improving its performance.

Do you want your motorbike or car to be race-ready? If you do, you should consider replacing your OEM rubber brake hose, with a stainless steel braided brake hose. Brake Quip supply the stainless steel brake hoses to match the original style of your car or motorbike, offering more of a seamless blend.

Why not invest your time and money into safety, performance and style?

Ease of installation.

The simplicity of installing a brake hose is ideal for those who have little knowledge and experience. You’ll be glad to hear that there’s little skill required to install braided stainless steel brake lines, they’ve been designed to improve the responsiveness of your vehicle and have meaningful benefits.

Now could be the perfect moment to update your brake lines- don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Brake Quip.

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