Autos have developed with more and more advanced technology since onboard computers are used to report and diagnose issues. Yet there are still limitations. Onboard computers only report on one vehicle where they are located. You can get information when you are using it, but what about the car that your kid had away at college?

Gluon platform

This is where the Gluon platform comes in – you will be able to keep an eye on fluid levels and temperature gauges. You also can tell if one of your kids has been speeding, driving long distances or driven outside a certain area.

Fluid levels

Keeping your vehicle with exact fluid levels, pressure in tires and other things are serious since they keep the car at its best. There are some drivers, especially young ones, who might not be that diligent about checking these things on a basis that is consistent. With Gluon products, you can check these indicators on your car not matter where it is located. Then you can prompt all drivers when it becomes time to add oil or to add air in the tires.

Messages in new cars

Vehicles currently new have thousands of gauges, codes and messages that can be displayed. Gluon products bring a large amount of this information to the vehicle owner’s smartphone or tablet or anywhere around the world where there is internet connection. These are all items that are united in the Gluon platform and are this project’s roadmap for development. Others are:

  • Backup cameras
  • Collision detection
  • Lane sensors
  • Assist in parking

The app sends information on the DTC to all local repair shops, based on price as well as reviews from other consumers. The consumer knows what the problem is and what is needed to fix this problem.

Revenue streams

Gluon expects to receive revenue in several ways:

  • Fees for the device and for the app
  • Ordering parts through the Gluon app
  • Generating processing fees
  • Repair shops advertising on the app

Consumers can pay for these services with real money, or cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, or GLU token. GLU tokens will be the currency that will keep the Gluon platform up and running. These tokens go on sale soon.