In the summer months you probably wear sunglasses. Maybe you wear them in the winter months too.  After all, sunglasses aren’t “seasonal wear”:  they are for use whenever the sun is shining brightly.  No, they are not for making you look cool and mysterious (though, they probably do that too).  In fact, there are many reasons why you should wear sunglasses when it is bright out.

But did you know that many of the reasons for wearing sunglasses are precisely the very reasons you should consider Auto Glass Experts tinting your car windows?


Yes, even though things look darker, you actually see better.  A tinted windshield improves visibility on the road the way that sunglasses improve your visibility walking down the street. Window tinting—like sunglasses—reduces the amount of glare you experience as reflections from clouds, signs, other windows, other cars, and even rebounding from the street below you.  

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In addition, you probably wear sunglasses with some kind of UV protection. After all, you are probably aware that sunlight carries potentially dangerous ultraviolet radiation.  Prolonged exposure to UV radiation, of course, can cause damage to the eyes and the skin; but while short term exposure is not likely to result in anything severe, minimizing your exposure can equally minimize the risk.


No, really:  when you tint your windows, it literally makes your car cooler.  And by “cooler,” I mean, temperature-wise. As a matter of fact, the “heat” that you feel from the sun is a type of radiation so if you are wearing something that blocks radiation (like sunglasses) then you are also reducing heat exposure. The same is true, then, of tinting the windows in your car.


Exposure to heat makes molecules speed up.  Water begins to boil, solids begin to melt, and air begins to rise.  Thus, when your windshield is exposed to too much heat, it softens and this can result in cracks.  When you tint your car windows, then, you are also reducing the likelihood that it will not shatter—not from sitting from in your driveway nor in the event of an accident.