There are at least 6 million car accidents in the United States every year. A vast number of these accidents occur in urban areas.

City dwellers rely on cars for freedom of travel. It’s essential to have the flexibility to drive throughout the city and escape it when needed.

To ensure your safety, it’s essential to choose a car that handles well in urban areas.

Are you looking to buy an urban car? There are several factors you need to consider before purchasing your next automobile.

Keep reading for more information on how to pick the right urban car for you.

Top Features of Urban Cars

It’s essential to make sure that the car you choose will thrive in an urban environment.

Here’s a list of top features to keep in mind when looking to purchase your next city car.

Tight Turning Radius

The ideal city car should turn on a dime.

Look for a car with a tight turning radius that can make a u-turn within 38 feet. You’ll make quick turnarounds without holding up traffic or causing an accident.

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid is a great example. It has an excellent turning radius and will turn wall-to-wall inside 37.4 feet.

The Right Size 

An urban car should be space-efficient.

Purchasing a car that measures between 150-180 inches in length is ideal. It ensures you’ll be able to maneuver in between lanes and squeeze into tight parking spots.

While a compact car is ideal for city driving, make sure it also has storage space. You’ll need enough room for your things when you choose to travel outside the city.

Mini Coopers are popular small cars among city drivers. Have a look at this Mini Cooper buyer’s guide for more information.

Good City Gas Mileage

The best cars for the city should get good gas mileage.

You are going to get stuck in traffic—a lot.

Choose a car with a fuel efficiency rating of at least 25 city miles per gallon. It will be better for the environment and will save you a ton of money. The Honda Insight is a terrific option with an estimated city fuel economy of 55 mpg.

Bonus Features

There are several bonus features to look out for when purchasing your next vehicle. These features will make city driving safer and much more enjoyable.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

A handy tool to have in cars for city driving is automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection. AEB uses sensors to apply breaks if an object is detected automatically.

This safety feature will prevent low-speed collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles and limit your chances of getting into an accident.

Back-up Cameras

Cars built after May 1st, 2018, come standard with back-up cameras.

If you choose to purchase a used car, it’s worth putting in the effort to find one with this feature. It will improve your rearward visibility and help you with parallel parking in the city.

Choosing Your Urban Car

When choosing an urban car, you want it to be both safe and enjoyable to drive. Do your research. Find a car that is comfortable, affordable, and can handle city driving.

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