Now and then, you will need to change the fluid of your NV3550 transmission system. You may be in a dilemma whether to drain or flush the fluid. A drain or a change of the transmission fluid means you only get rid of what is contaminated from the pan. The transmission filter is also replaced. On the other hand, flushing means you get rid of all the transmission fluid. What necessitates a replacement or top up of the transmission fluid?

  1. a) Scheduled maintenance: each vehicle model has a recommended period for changing the transmission fluid. In manual transmission systems, it should be around three years or 80000km mileage.
  1. b) Contamination: when the fluid has a lot of foreign material, it is advisable to replace it to avoid breakdown from blockage or overheating of the transmission system.
  1. c) Faults: some faults in the transmission system may be as a result of burnt or adulterated transmission fluid. Therefore, to rectify the situation and save your machine, you should replace the fluid.

The following factors will help you determine whether a flush or change suits your remanufactured NV3550 transmission system.

1.    Manufacturer’s recommendation

The builder fully understands the best maintenance practices of the transmission system. Read the manufacturer’s guide before embarking in any replacement. It is essential to follow the guideline to keep the warranty valid over the period indicated. Any mishap as a result of flushing instead of changing and vice versa will make the warranty void.

2.    Vehicle engagement

If you are driving in adverse conditions like a hilly, rocky area or regular towing, a flush is necessary. The conditions likely increase the rate of transmission fluid burn out and contamination. However, if your vehicle is only engaged in ordinary activities in fairly level regions, you only need to change the NV3550 transmission fluid.

3.    The condition of your transmission system

Old and faulty transmission systems are sensitive and may require caution before replacement. There is a high likelihood that the transmission fluid will flow in unwanted areas when flushing. If your transmission system is sensitive and prone to damage, it is advisable to stick to changing the fluid before buying a new or used NV3550 transmission.

4.    Mileage

After six years or mileage of 60000, it is recommended to flush the transmission fluid. Do not solely rely on changes because they might be regular and uneconomical in the long run. The period and mileage are also dependent on your driving style, the state of the roads, and the model of your car.

5.    Your budget

Flushes are more expensive than changes. Unless it is necessary, it is advisable to change the transmission fluid if you want to save a few bucks. You should seek the advice of trustworthy professionals because most would recommend flushing for your money. It is also essential to note that transmission fluid change or flushing does not solve problems like slipping gears and regular stalling.

If you are searching for an NV3550 transmission for sale, you should inquire the last time the transmission fluid was changed. It will help you to maintain the machine by following the servicing scheduled as required by the manufacturer.