Road tax can seem confusing when you haven’t had to pay it before, and some cars are completely exempt from road tax. But how are you supposed to know whether you need to pay road tax, and how you go about paying it? Today we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about road tax to try to help you out!

  1. Do I still need a tax disk?

Remember that disk your Mum or Dad used to keep in their windscreen when you were young? Surely that proves you have got your tax so you won’t get in trouble? Not any more! Tax disks have been phased out since October 2014, so if you are renewing your vehicle tax now you don’t need to worry about not having one.

  1. What documents do you need to renew your tax?

You will need either a reminder from the DVLA or your registration certificate if you are renewing your vehicle tax at a post office.

You can also renew your tax online where you need your registration number.

  1. Will my second-hand car already be taxed?

If you buy a car second hand it may be taxed until the end of the year, but it is important to check. If your car is not taxed, then the DVLA is legally obliged to clamp the vehicle. You must then pay £100 to get your car released and you may also face procession with fines up to £1,000 with the addition of arrears!

  1. Can I avoid road tax?

The only way to avoid road tax is to purchase a vehicle with Zero CO2 emissions. This means that you are except from road tax legally, electric cars are a great option for those who are looking to avoid extra charges. The Renault Zoe and the Nissan leaf are great, affordable examples of these kind of cars. Remember though, ranges on electric cars are not as far as on petrol, diesel or hybrid cars, so if you have a long commute you might be better going for a non-electric option and paying the road tax.

  1. How soon after buying my vehicle do I have to tax it?

You need to tax your vehicle as soon as you intend to drive it. If you intend to leave you vehicle off the road you need to declare it SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice). Your vehicle is off the road if it isn’t taxed or insured, penalties for not declaring your vehicle SORN is an £80 fine, on the spot clamping, and removal of your vehicle.

Road tax can seem confusing but is simple! Have a look on the DVLA website: or pop down to your local post office for more information about how to get your car on the road and legal. Check whether your vehicle needs its tax updating here:  A great way to never forget when your road tax is due is to get a visual reminder that can be placed in the same spot as your old paper tax disc.   You can get a road tax reminder from Road Tax Flipper.  Its a simple visual reminder of when your vehicle road tax is about to expire.