Bearings can be found everywhere. From hard drives to car wheels, these little critters can be seen lodged in small places where our hands usually can’t reach. The main purpose of bearings is to prevent the accumulation of heat from the machine. Heat are usually caused by friction of two different metals inside the machine. These usually slide on top of each other.

Like any other part of a machine, if not well-maintained or taken care of, they can cause problems. So it’s important to always maintain your bearings properly so that they won’t act up when the time comes. Fortunately, it’s easy to detect when a bearing needs first-aid.Image result for How to Check Motorcycle Wheel Bearings

As for wheel bearings on motorcycles, it’s also easy too! All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Place your motorcycle in a resting position on the ground.
  • Gently take the wheel off the ground.
  • Twist the wheel from the axle by grabbing the opposite side and pushing one hand on one side and pulling on the other.
  • Turn the wheel 45 degrees and continue to twist the wheel
  • Repeat the process

If you notice that there are some noises like clicking or grindings, these are the signs that you might need to replace your wheel bearings. If you think that your bearings are starting to act up but can’t pinpoint the location, it’s best to remove the wheel in order to take a closer look.

Try to stick your finger in the bearing to feel around. If it emits sounds like grinding and if you are having a hard time to rotate it, it really needs replacement. Hop over to the nearest bearings shop and try to find a replacement for it. It is important to replace them as early as you can so as to avoid accidents.

Here are few tips to help maintain the wheel bearings of your motorcycle:

  • Use grease to maintain the quality of bearings. Lubricants also work.
  • Check your motorcycle for weird noises coming from the wheel. This could be a sign of a faulty bearing.
  • Clean your bearings to get rid of sticky grease which may hinder them from performing properly.

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