London is one of the greatest cities on earth and there is so much to see and do. When you are travelling as a group, getting taxis around London can be prohibitively expensive and you might not be able to afford this kind of cost.

The solution to your transport dilemma is to hire a coach. When you travel as a group, coach hire will allow you to travel together, and you will only pay one fee. Refreshments are going to be provided and you will have a large amount of legroom.

You can take part in London legacy tours, which means that you will visit various landmarks. You can stop off at the various landmarks and take a full tour. Once that part of the tour is over, you will be able to get back onto the comfortable coach and you will carry on with the tour.

What Is Involved In A Legacy Tour?

When you are travelling around London, you are going to stop at various landmarks and get to take a lot of pictures. This is going to give you a great impression of the city, especially if you have never visited before.

You will select a particular tour and then start your journey being driven by an experienced and fully-licensed coach driver.

Greenwich And Greenwich Park

Greenwich is one of the most iconic parts of London and there are lots to see and do. You will be driven by coach to Greenwich Park, where you can admire the nature and take a walk around. You will also see other parts of Greenwich and can visit famous buildings and monuments.

You can visit the Royal Greenwich Observatory and see the instruments that are used to look up at the night sky and see the stars. You will also be able to visit the National Maritime Museum. You will not have to worry about navigating your way around Greenwich because this is going to be handled by the satellite navigation system that the driver has at their disposal.

Royal Woolwich Arsenal Barracks

The Royal Woolwich Arsenal Barracks is worth a visit for anyone who is interested in military history. You will take a full tour of the barracks and everything is going to be explained by an experienced guide. You will be transported to the barracks in the cosy confines of a fully-serviced coach.

Olympic Tour

The Olympics are one of the most iconic sporting events. British athletes from Linford Christie to Anthony Joshua have represented their country and won medals at the games. You will be able to about the history of the games from an experienced guide.

The Olympic tour will also take people around various sites that were used during the London Games during 2012.

Tailored Tours

Tours can also be tailored to your exact specifications when you have a school group.


There are lots of tours that you can book when you are in London and you can be driven by coach.