Purchasing and offering an auto is an inescapable procedure with regards to auto possession. Not at all like wherever else on the planet, it is, somewhat more convoluted in Singapore because of the ten year Certificate of Entitlement (COE) span that traverses on all vehicles. The Certificate of Entitlement or COE is the amount permit got from a fruitful winning offer in an open offer uniform value sell off which allows the legitimate right of the holder to enrol claim and utilize a vehicle in Singapore for a time of 10 years. At the point when request is high, the cost of a COE can surpass the estimation of the vehicle itself. Oneshift.com plays a major part in deciding the price of a new vehicle or an old one.


Before purchasing a vehicle, potential vehicle proprietors in Singapore are required by the Land Transport Authority to the lead position a fiscal offer for a COE. The quantity of accessible COEs is represented by a standard framework called the Vehicle Quota System and is reported by LTA in April of every year with an audit in October for conceivable modification for the time of one year beginning from May. Around one-twelfth of the yearly amount is unloaded every month in a fixed offer, uniform value sell off framework and fruitful bidders pay the most reduced winning offer.


The holder of a COE is permitted to claim a vehicle for an underlying time of 10 years, after which they should scrap or fare their vehicle or offer for another COE at the overarching rate in the event that they wish to keep utilizing their vehicle for a planned residual life expectancy that is for 7 more years.

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Toward the finish of the 10-year COE period, vehicle proprietors may decide to deregister their vehicle or opt for COE renewal for another 5 or 10-year time span by paying the Prevailing Quota Premium, which is the three-month moving normal of the Quota Premium for the separate vehicle classification.

In short the renewal process can be summed up as-


Toward the finish of the 10-year COE period, vehicle proprietors may decide to deregister their vehicle or to revalidate their COE for an additional 10-year time frame by paying the material PQP or for a 5-year duration by paying a large portion of the PQP. For vehicles without statutory life expectancy, there is no restriction to how often you can restore the COE inasmuch as the COE is recharged for a long time.

For 5-Year COE Renewal

  • Classification C vehicles with 5-year COE that had lapsed before 25 Feb 2013, and Categories A, B and D vehicles:
  • The 5-year COE is non-renewable. You should deregister the vehicle upon the expiry of the 5-year COE.
  • Classification C vehicles with 5-year COE that is lapsing on or after 25 Feb 2013:
  • A 5-year Category C COE that is lapsing on or after 25 Feb 2013 is renewable. In any case, all restorations must be for a 5-year time span, subject to the vehicle’s statutory life expectancy.

After the COE is renewed, any COE refund emerging from any lay-up period amid the COE period before its reestablishment will be relinquished.