Preserving a motor of a boat is very important and depending on its specifications is a difficult task to perform. Maintenance Schedule is the outboard maintenance planning where the action is to make sure a series of things have to be accomplished before or after the motor is used in a given boat. The maintenance procedure has to be followed within a given period of time. There are certain procedures which have to be followed to maintain the mercury schedule. The procedures are as follow:-

  • Maintenance of the mercury outboard motor is a difficult part to do but, it keeps the motors away from the regular repairing. This saves the engine from 73 percent of the repair work and the repair work can be avoided by following the Repair manual.Image result for Try to maintain the schedule for your outboard motor
  • The most important thing to remember is that you should never leave an outboard motor idle for more than six to seven months. Cleaning and maintaining the motor on regular intervals are very important for you to avoid the trouble of repair work in the future. A service manual inspection is always preferable if the outboard motor was left idle for more than six months.
  • If you are a boat owner make sure you go for a routine maintenance of the motor of the outboard as it can only let own reduce the cost and the motor can perform much better and in a much suitable way. You should never postpone a scheduled maintenance program or your motor might fall in trouble. This can also lead to a very dangerous mounting effect.
  • While following the inspection and maintenance schedule it has certain rules which have to be followed strictly before and after the using of the motor of the outboard. Always make sure the lanyard stop is in working order and it perfectly stops the engine. The checking these specific features are really important.
  • Always visually check and inspect the fuel system for your motor to make sure it is in a correct working order. See through the system to check if there is any corrosion or seepage or outflow.