Every year winter announces itself when most of us are still longing for those lovely summer days. Often mornings are the worst for those who commute to the office by car, or those among us who have to make sure the school run is successful and the kids arrive safely at their destination. Yes, mornings can be bad because the car is frozen over!

Save yourself some frustration by following the following steps recommended by the car buying group to get your car ready for the road:

  • For the interior make sure you’re engine is switched on and running so that the air circulates in the car to get rid of mist. Air-conditioning will help de-misting the inside of your car.
  • In case of snow – a soft brush does the trick to remove it – pay attention too, to the front grille as you don’t want the engine to overheat.
  • To de-ice the outside be prepared with a scraper and some de-icer which you keep nearby for those mornings when the windows are frozen over.
  • Only drive off once you are happy that all ice and snow have been removed.

Some Don’ts

  • A note of caution: While the engine is running, never leave your vehicle unattended – it is the perfect time for thieves to strike. If you have to go back into the house, switch off and lock the car first – your insurance company may not pay out your claim if the engine is running while you’re not there!
  • Never use any objects apart from proper window scrapers. Bare or gloved hands may leave grease marks. Jewellery such as rings may damage the screen.
  • Never pour boiling water on the windows. You will most likely crack the glass or cause the wipers to freeze to the windscreen.

A Really Novel Idea

If you don’t have expensive sprays and de-icers, you can still get the job done effectively by using the following tip: Just mix up a solution of salt and water, dunk a towel therein and leave it on the windscreen overnight. You’ll be happy to find a car with no ice on its windscreen in the morning.

Even if you forget to do it the previous night, all is not lost. You can wipe the windows with this solution in the morning by using a soft cloth – alternatively spray the solution on with a plant sprayer. Just be sure you avoid any metal surfaces on your car as salt is corrosive.