If you are new to the concept of GPS, then, you need to know about many important factors before purchasing one such tracker for your car. Even though the built-in GPS systems are convenient to use, yet the portable ones are all the way practical.  GPS trackers are available in different sizes, features and price ranges.


You need to have a fixed budget for a GPS car locator. If you are looking for a cheap alternative, then you need to choose a tracker with a small screen and limited features. You can also choose an old model but remember not to settle for outdated maps that are expensive to update. Having a budget in mind helps you to choose a standalone device or an integrated system. Expensive GPS trackers include head units with built-in GPS navigation systems. However, they may possess additional impressive features.

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Core GPS Features

Large screen and resolution are essential with core GPS features. Low-resolution images are difficult to comprehend and small screens with the prompt you to take your eyes off the steering wheel. Ensure that your GPS receiver has great sensitivity else, it will not show the location of vehicles accurately. Keep the safety perspective in mind before buying a GPS tracker. Make sure that the tracker has text-to-speech options and spoken directions. Choose a tracker that has an automatic routing feature enabled in it. If you happen to deviate from your route, then it will automatically reroute you to the desired destination.

Other Essential Features

Other essential features in an ideal GPS tracker should be traffic, lane assist, voice input, 3D map view, points of interest, digital picture viewer, built-in MP3 player and hands-free calling. These features are useful in many circumstances. It is crucial to zero in on a GPS device that does one thing pretty well.