As much as people enjoy the winter season, it also has it downside. Nevertheless, nature must take its course, be it is pleasant or otherwise. Driving in winter can be discomforting as snow builds up on the streets, highways and even the vehicles.

However, there are steps you can take to make moving around less disheartening during Winter. These steps include; replacing tires with winter tires, filling up windshield washer fluid as well as always having ice scrapers and snow brushes in your vehicle.

Crystal Clear Blades presents the ideal solution to all your winter travels, so you can focus on the journey with a clear visibility. A perfect solution for a clear windshield is the heated wiper blades which allow drivers enjoy unobstructed view when driving. The good thing is that these heated blades require no particular form or shape to fit into any windshield. They also require no peculiar or unique control but are operated by your regular wiper controls. They operate by reading the external temperature once your vehicle is switched on after which they heat up as required.

For those areas with intense winter, it is not unusual to head out for the day only to find your windscreen frozen. Attempting to remove the ice with an ice scraper may not be very effective because some ice may not come off. To make things even worse, the wiper blades may also be frozen and only move noisily on the windshield which is annoying. The merits of heated wiper blades include;

  • They save time, no need for manual ice scrapers
  • They help to remove snow and ice that must have piled up over the night.
  • They also improve visibility, eliminating the need to strain the eyes for better visibility. This minimizes the possibility of a nasty weather-related accident.

Quick to install and easy to use

Installing a heated wiper blade in your car takes far less time than imagined. The initial installation simply requires a set of sensors sold singly to be installed along with the wipers. The entire process should take not more than 20 minutes. There is always a heated wiper blade that fits every make and size of vehicles out there.

Tips for getting more from your wiper blades

  • A wiper blade should be replaced when it produces any sound when in motion or should not exceed more than 6 months of use.
  • Beware that wiper blades are susceptible to salt and sand.
  • Make it a habit to always keep your windshield clean, it helps extend your blades life.
  • During winter when your car is parked, straighten up your wiper blades
  • Use wiper blades particularly made for cars with unique curved windshields if you have one.

Never undermine the importance of wiper blade; always use the best. Also, having the right pair could prevent so many driving problems associated with snowy or wet windshield / roads. This, to a great extent can save your life and that of others.