People who drive trucks on a regular basis sometimes treat this as their second home.  There are so many different things you can do to personalise it and make it unique for you.  The amount of time truck drivers spend on the road can be significant and sometimes can be more than what they spend with their family.  This can include sleeping in the truck. The cabin is such a small space therefore making this as comfortable as possible can help ease the pain of being confined in such a small space constantly.  Even external improvements to the truck can be made to personalise it and make it a vehicle to be proud of.


Giving the truck the personal feel can be easy and quick to do.  Sometimes you may be driving on the highway and see trucks with many different lights on them that clearly attract other road users to look at them.  You can also get an air horn for trucks that gives a bit of uniqueness.  Although these are of different loudness and sounds, they definitely draw attention to others.  Inside the truck you could also make the cabin a bit more personal with things like seat covers, mats and even pictures behind your seats.  Generally all these types of changes can be done hassle free without the need for expert help and the accessories can be purchased online.


Window wipers do not have an indefinite life span and these may require to be changed depending on how they are performing.  Something to be aware of that can damage your wipers easily is when you place these on when there is hard or heavy snow on the windscreen.  This can then damage the windscreen wipers so that when you are looking to use them for normal use (when it is raining) they may not work correctly.  By taking care of these, generally you will get a lot of years out of the wipers however if you want to improve the visibility from when your screen is wiped you can purchase new wipers for pretty reasonable prices which are also pretty easy to fit.  If you are struggling though to fit, most garages offer a fitting service for a very little fee.


Keeping your car clean inside can help make your time in it far more comfortable.  If you do not have car mats in the drivers or passengers seat then you may be forced to vacuum this on a frequent basis.  When you are coming in and out of the vehicle on a regular basis it is normal to bring in a lot of dirt with you. Specifically if the weather is rainy outside, dirt and mud can get stuck to your shoes.  The beauty of mats is that these can be taken out the car and given a shake to get rid of the dirt and removes the need for you to vacuum regularly.