The products you need when you make the switch from simulation to real life

Car ownership is a big deal. When you do finally scrimp and save enough up to buy a car, you will immediately find that the world opens up at your fingertips. You are about to go places you never thought you would go and see things you never knew you were missing out on. Unfortunately, being the owner of a new (or used) car comes with a flip side. There are maintenance fees, insurance premiums, and then all the fuel costs.

with all of this in mind, we put together a list of some of the best products to help you transition from the simulation over to real life car ownership. Driving is more than just a game – but it always helps if you are plying with the right handset…

Car Maintenance Products that will Save You a Packet

Here are some of our favourite products to help keep you on the road while simultaneously keeping costs to a minimum.

1 – Sugru!

Many of you may have heard about Sugru before. This miraculous product is fully mouldable but sets into a solid silicon that is airtight and waterproof. Use Sugru mouldable rubber for car repair on both the interior and the exterior of your car. Mould broken parts from it, or repair dents, scratches, and scuffs. One packet goes a long way – and it saves you the cost of having a valet or garage re-upholster the inside of your car… you can even use it on the seats!

2 – Oil

This is a no brainer to some of us, to a new car owner? They don’t know about things like worn tyres and oil leaks. The truth is that any type of car needs oil… consider it to be the blood of your car. It lubricates all the mechanics so that your car runs smoothly. Further, each type of car uses different oils. You can pop into your local garage and ask them to trace your car’s oil type, or you can google it. It will also be in the logbook for your car. If you run out of oil, your car is grinding metal on metal and that’s an expensive fix.

3 – A Map…

It’s not a car maintenance product but it will save you money. Picture this: you are out on a road trip and your phone hasn’t been charged for days. The battery dies and Google is no longer able to direct you… What do you do? You drive miles in the wrong direction only to be given directions by a local, back the way you just came. Petrol/diesel is expensive, so every saved route saves you money. Invest in a book of maps for your area, keep it in thee trunk, and pull it out in emergencies. Easy!

4 – Tyre Pump

This depends on where you live and how much you want to save. You should be able to blow up your tyres at your local garage – but if you live out in the middle of nowhere, this is no use to you on a flat. Check out the AA’s version of the auto tyre inflator, which checks and rights your tyre pressures before long journeys. Over inflated tyres pop while under inflated tyres cost you in fuel. 

Getting on the Road

Now that you have suitably armed yourself with some money-saving car maintenance products, you should be able to go the distance.