Your truck already seems like the perfect workhorse, commuter or road trip companion, so why should you add running boards? Whether you think your truck is perfect or you suspect it’s missing a few features, find out why you should install aftermarket running boards. Compare brands and shop for side fenders for trucks to complete your ride and cruise confidently.

Convenient Access

Clambering in and out of a truck may seem second nature to some drivers, but others may not feel comfortable. Trucks with lift kits, shorter passengers and passengers with knee and back problems may all struggle to comfortably enter and exit a truck without running boards.

Running boards and nerf bars are your solution. Running boards are wide, convenient steps that run the entire length of your truck’s cab. These steps are designed to split the difference between your cab and the ground, which makes a perfect step for many riders.

Both running boards and nerf bars come in a range of lengths and heights. Some allow you to adjust how low they hang, which is helpful for a lifted truck. Be sure your accessory is designed for your vehicle and you follow all the installation instructions. There’s nothing worse than dropping a nerf bar on the side of the road due to improper installation.

Body Protection

Nerf bars perform a similar feature, but can also protect the side of your ride. These durable aluminum or steel bars were originally created for race cars to protect drivers as they bumped into each other. The best nerf bars for trucks are durable aluminum or steel tubes that also feature a built-in step. Climb into your ride with ease and protect the sides of your truck safe from flying gravel, spraying mud and bumps into electric poles.

Some running boards are particularly wide, so they prevent mud spray up the side of your vehicle. Just like fender flares and other protective items, running boards can catch some of that dirt and gravel spray that comes from peeling out of driveways or cruising down two-tracks.

Clean Interior

An exterior step serves another purpose for your truck: it keeps the interior clean. There are two ways your interior may thank you after installing running boards. First, you can kick some dirt off your boots on the step before you climb into your truck. This prevents some mud from hitting your floor mat.

Second, drivers are less likely to slide out of their seat when they have a running board. This feature helps you climb out gently, rather than sliding and wearing out your seats. Even with a seat cover, sliding out of your truck day after day can cause additional wear.

Upgrade Your Pickup With Aftermarket Running Boards

Protect your investment and enjoy a comfortable entrance with the latest running boards and best nerf bars. Whether you or your passengers struggle with reaching up into the cab, or if you want to maintain a cleaner cab, shop for nerf bars and running boards today. Online shopping makes it easy to compare brands and order a set that fits the dimensions of your vehicle.