Special metal coatings that are sprayed over certain items not only make them look better but protect them from rust and corrosion as well. When you have certain car parts or equipment you want protected, these specialised coatings are a great option. A metal finish on a product looks great and does a fantastic job of protecting it against the elements, and the best part is, it doesn’t matter what the original item is made of, because the metal blackening process works for just about everything including aluminium, steel, iron, and even zinc.

This means that whether you have a hand tool, drill bits, or even a transmission that you would like to have coated, it is possible to do so. Better still, many companies make and sell special kits that allow you to coat your items yourself, and the kits are easy to use and effective.

You Can Do It Yourself

Special coatings are a practical solution when you want certain items to last a long time, and since they typically only add one micron to the item’s surface, it will still fit the same way it did before the process was utilised. Since the coatings are a preventative measure, they not only protect against corrosion and rust, but they increase the life of the item as well. Metal blackening can be achieved through a hot process or a cold process, but the kits make it very simple, because all you do is dip the item in the metal, then wait for it to dry.

If you use hand tools, clutch parts, or anything related to your business that you like to display for customers to view, a metal blackening kit will keep the item more attractive and enable it to look good every time it is viewed by a customer. From automotive parts to complete engines and even chains, hydraulic blocks, and gears, it is easy to think of dozens of items that would benefit from the metal blackening process.

Working with You to Make it Simple

The companies that make these kits usually offer a way to receive a sample. Most of them will either come to your facility or offer sampling of the process at their own facility. They also have websites that allow you to view full-colour photographs of many of the items they have put through the blackening process.

Although the kit is very inexpensive to purchase, this is a high-quality product that produces great results, and because the coating is able to penetrate every nook and cranny of the item being coated, you are guaranteed a more even and smooth look. With the kits, you typically get a degreaser, a conditioner, and a dewatering oil in addition to the blackening solution, as well as everything else you need to complete the task. The blackening kits are great not only for mechanics, but for those in other commercial and industrial fields as well. Blackening is a great way to make a product stronger and more attractive, as well as more durable in the end.