Purchasing a used car ought to be an exciting experience. You have saved enough money to acquire your dream car, and all that is left to do is to find it. However, you need not get carried away by the thrill of the purchase, and forget to ask vital questions. Whether you are dealing with the private owners or approved dealers such as JD Byrider, asking a couple of questions, is one way to avoid losing your money to an unworthy investment. Below are the top five inquiries to make when you visit the auto seller’s workshop.

How many previous owners has the vehicle had?

First off, you need to establish the number of individuals that have owned the vehicle. If the car is relatively new, it is less likely that the car will have multiple problems. However, if you discover that the car has had three or more owners in a span of less than one year, this should raise a red flag.

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Can the Car Be Legally Sold?

When dealing with car dealers, it is mandatory that the car meets the standards outlined in the Consumer Rights Act. This law states that all goods sold ought to be of satisfactory quality and fit for the intended purpose.

If you suspect that the seller is not candid, you can always pay for a vehicle history check. Paying for the background check will be an out-of-the-pocket expense. However, doing so will provide great peace of mind. Usually, the history check highlights these details:

  • Insurer’s record of an auto being scrapped
  • Insurer’s record of an auto being written off
  • Police report that the car was stolen
  • Whether a particular vehicle is subject to an existing loan

Can I Have My Mechanic Conduct an Inspection?

Even with the vehicle’s logbook and history records, it can be difficult to know precisely what happened to the car in the past. This calls for the need to inspect the car before making your final decision. Although examining the automobile will give you an idea of its condition, it is always wise to have a third-party mechanic conduct the inspection. The mechanic will complete a thorough examination of the functioning systems of the vehicle such as the doors, windows, engine system, lights, gauges and more.

Do you have the service records?

Ideally, you want to purchase an automobile that has been well-cared for in the past. To determine this, you should ask to see the service records. Be wary if the seller claims to have done routine maintenance checks, but cannot produce any documentation. Request to see the receipts new brakes, tires and other parts that may have been replaced.

Has the car been in an accident?

Whether this is a factor to worry about will be based on the severity of the incident. Trivial bumps and collisions are a common occurrence- assuming that the vehicle has undergone standard repairs. This should not be a big deal if the seller is honest about the details of the accident and provides records to confirm the repairs done.