While using Uber, there are many drivers and as well riders got surprised when their account got deactivated. Find out what could be the reasons and how one should act to use the services without any sort of discomfort. There are some simple Uber driving tips and riding tips that are of great help for the people to follow. Uber always gives importance to some personal space to both the driver and as well the rider. Also, the riders shouldn’t book to a group of people in the name of getting perks. Also, one shouldn’t cause any sort of harm or damage to the car or any property. In this regard, any sort of misbehavior or in appropriate language is also taken into consideration. When all these aspects are followed then even the rider will be given a five-star rating. One should need this rating to get the cab soon when there is a less pool or at any other circumstance.

How to Reactivate Driver Account?

Just like the riders are not given access to use the Uber services in the above-mentioned conditions, there are even drivers account suspended. Reactivating driver account is not possible when the driver has violated any law intentionally or involved in the physical abuse. When the customers feedback is getting law, then the driver will be issued warnings and this could also affect his termination of service from Uber. Providing documents in the stipulated time is also mandatory. If the drivers are taking less passengers in a row of 90 days, then they will be getting warnings and emails of termination. Rejecting a ride or cancelling it after accepting are all the few aspects which are taken into consideration. So, make sure that all these things are handled properly. It is then there will not be any sort of problem and the drivers can earn more in a less time without fear or deactivation.