When we consider the fact that we live in a world that continues to evolve and spring-forth new technology, it is easy to understand why we’re all a little spoilt. Some numerous technologies and designs have been designed to make cars even better. This technology is not only adaptable to new vehicles but can also be added to old ones. These technologies are bound to make your vehicle look cool and sleek when you ride it. Below is a list of cool 2020 sleek car technology and designs.

Nano Ceramic Coating 

Nano ceramic coating effectively solves this problem of rigorous car washing by keeping the paint of your car from blemish. This Nano Coating makes your automobile look new every day by adding additional glow to the car and protecting it from scratches, UV rays effect, chemicals, and other things. 


This is another remarkable technology that will make your car look sleek as you take a ride in it. It can be added to any new vehicle and can be used to make videos are you ride through the country. This amazing technology is used to record videos while driving. It can record the outside of the car or the inside, whichever you prefer. This cam can record for two weeks and keep the footage stored. You can also add the live feed option and view what’s going on in your car, from any location. Another feature of this top-notch tech is that it alerts you when there is any impact to your car while you’re absent.

Biometric Access

This is exactly what you think it is. Instead of using a remote or a key to unlock your car, wouldn’t it be great to use your fingerprint? That’s awesome, right? This will effectively prevent thieves and carjackers from being able to gain access to your car. This technology comes with the most recent cars. 

Smartphone Addition

How about syncing your smartphone and your car? This time, you do not need a USB Port to do this or Bluetooth connections. Several products can help you sync your phone to your vehicle. These advanced technologies include the Apple CarPlay and also the Android Auto app. With these, you can assess all your phone application handsfree from your driver seat. This makes it safer as people tend to be distracted easily by their smartphone’s screen when driving. 

Prediction of Traffic Lights

This is a personal favorite; being able to detect what the traffic light in front of you is and how long it will last. Hard to believe, but there’s an app that does exactly this! This app works through the smartphone and therefore requires smartphone integration to your vehicle. It is called Enlighten App and gathers information through GPS to inform the driver how long a traffic light will last. Mercedes is looking to add this to their new cars, and so is Audi.

Now you can comfortably sit back and reply messages, make that call and take that long sip of your drink knowing how long a traffic light would last.

These Amazing technological advancements make driving far less stressful while it becomes more exciting to motorists. With these top-notch techs installed in your vehicle, driving a car becomes safer, simpler, and sweeter.