The beginning of 2017 has just been celebrated, and for many people the new year also meant a new car. New car sales are at an all-time high, with over 75% of individuals purchasing cars on finance plans.  Finance makes new cars affordable, as well as the costs of servicing and maintenance being done by your finance provide in many cases. So, what cars are people going for in 2017 and why?

  1. Ford Fiesta- 8,495 registrations

The Ford Fiesta has been a hit ever since Ford released the first model. This affordable supermini is still one of the nation’s favorites coming in at number one with how many have been registered so far in 2017. The fiesta is economical and easy to drive, so is popular with young people and new drivers. As most models also come with a five door option, the fiesta is also a practical and stylish option for families, with its range of engine sizes tailoring the fiesta to suit your individual needs.

  1. Volkswagen Golf- 5.455 registrations

Despite a worrying emissions scandal, the VW gold is still a strong seller in the early months of 2017. There is also a newly facelifted model going on the market very soon, with new and improved engines and some small styling changes. The VW is a powerful little car for its size, and is great for country roads as well as longer commutes to work. Slightly more expensive than the fiesta, but in terms of power you will get more car for your money!

  1. Ford Focus- 4,796 registrations

The Ford Focus is again, a great affordable and a real hit with families. The first model launched in 1999, and the current model isn’t so different now, remaining practical good looking, reasonably proceed and comfortable to drive. The latest model has an impressive voice controlled touch screen, allowing you to operate the vehicle’s entertainment system and navigation. As well as having top of the range engines, for the pinnacle of fuel efficiency and performance.

  1. Mercedes -Benz C Class- 4,230 registrations

The C Class is the first premium model on the list, and was 9th top seller in 2016. With its eye catching design and extraordinary comfort, the C-Class really is a cut above. Exterior styling is powerful with great handling and power. The C-Class would make a great family car, or commuting car, and comes in stylish coupe or saloon styles.

  1. Vauxhall Astra- 4,065 registrations

The Astra has been a true family car for years, having been awarded ‘Best Compact Family Car’ at the 2016 New Car Awards. It has a really great handling and is spacious and comfortable inside with a wide range of engines available to suit all your needs. The Astra was made in the UK and its chassis has been tuned for the UK roads, delivering a comfortable ride over the british roads.

Most commonly asked questions about the 2017 most popular cars

  1. Which car should I go for if I have a family?

Many of these cars are great family cars, and it would depend on your individual circumstances which on you should go for. However, as the Astra won Best Family Car of the year in 2016, a Astra would be the obvious choice.

  1. Which car is most affordable?

The Fiesta is a really great and affordable supermini. Brilliant for young drivers, or older drivers with its practice features and stylish interior.

  1. Which car is sportiest?

The Gold is best known for its sporty GTI Gold model; however, this model doesn’t come cheap! There are several sporty models available in the gold, but the Focus also has some great sporty attributes, even coming in an RS model, although again, not a cheap option! Similarly, the C-Class really challenges on power, with some amazing engine options.

  1. Which car has best fuel economy?

Many of these cars are great for fuel economy, and depending how you drive them will really allow you to watch the purse strings and get the most out of your tank.

  1. Which car is best for a new driver?

The Fiesta is a great option for new drivers, being stylish, affordable and easy to handle.

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