Many people believe that auto interstate car transport is simple. It’s not just putting your car on the trailer and pay for the transit. But, in reality, the shipping process is lengthy and preparation is the only key. If you fail to prepare your car for the door to door car transport, then it would end up costing you money in damage and time, fixing what happened during vehicle shipping.

Tip #1

Remove any personal belonging from your car during the transport. This activity makes sure that you don’t lose any of your personal items during the transit.

Tip #2

Before shipping your car, clean it well because it would end up costing you money in damage and time, fixing what happened during vehicle shipping. By cleaning your car, you can spot dents, dings or scratches to avoid any unnecessary issues in the future.

Tip #3

Before shipping your car for interstate car transport, make sure that your car has about a quarter tank of gas. Also, take the picture of the mileage and the gas tank before vehicle shipping.

Tip #4

Always remember that auto transport companies may charge extra for non-factory add-ons in your car. These added things includes luggage rack, winches or lights on a 4×4. Having these add-ons in your car could take away valuable space during car transport.

Tips #5

During the vehicle transport, turn off any alarm or security system because in some situations the alarm may go off and drain the battery.

Tip #6

Remember to leave a good working number with your contact during car transport Melbourne to Sydney. This helps the car shipping companies to contact you with status updates, exact delivery dates, or in case of emergencies.

Tip #7

Generally, auto transport companies exempt from responsibilities when problems occur and charge you if there are any problems during shipping. This also includes engine damage on frigid temperatures. So, during cold temperatures, make sure that antifreeze and other fluids are duly checked before vehicle shipping.

Carry insurance during the car transport to avoid any issues. But remember, the insurance has a lot of fine print that you should look over before auto shipping that eliminates them from liability. The more insurance the better. You can also request the copy of the insurance of the transport company before the transit.

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