It is a pleasant day, and you are heading towards your office, and suddenly you hear the voice, stop the car! The traffic constable is shouting. You might wonder why he is yelling, because you didn’t even over cross the traffic signal or break any law. Meanwhile, you look at the front glass of your car, and find that it’s cracked! So now you get the reason why the police constable is shouting? You have to pay the fine for driving with a cracked windshield because it’s technically illegal.

Automobiles are prone to many problems, and the most common form of problem that frequently gets ignored (but should not be) is damage to the windshield glass. Anything interfering the driver’s field of vision is unsafe, whether it’s a chip or a cracked windshield.

If the crack is 12 inches or larger, then you should not risk for driving. Windshields with more significant cracks are prone to break easily. For safety reasons, a windshield replacement will be needed for your car.

Fixing is better than getting charged

It is illegal to drive with a damaged windshield, and it won’t result in anything than to pay a massive fine for it. It is more suitable to repair the windshield. If you’re caught operating a vehicle with a cracked windshield, the traffic authorities will issue a ticket and prescribe a timeframe in which the damage must be repaired. In British Columbia, $56 is the fine for driving with a cracked windscreen. A small chip (whether it’s a bulls-eye or star shape) can quickly be fixed, but huge cracks usually mean the windscreen needs to be replaced.

It can lead to serious traffic hazards

A cracked windshield reduces visibility and it is the primary cause of road accidents, ranging from the harmless to potentially fatal. A crack in the windscreen creates a dazzled vision which can make it difficult to see through the glass, even on a properly lit road. An undamaged windshield works as structural support that can keep you safe if the vehicle flips over. Whereas, a cracked glass is the sign of weak windshield and it can quickly break and crush the roof. It can also lead to the risk of serious injury to the occupant.

Obviously, a damaged windshield is not a good thing to be driving with. It can transform even a careful driving into a traffic hazard. Keeping this in mind, you must replace a cracked windshield of your vehicle as soon as possible. Take your car to an auto glass specialist or purchase a new glass wrack to replace it with the old one. You can check out suitable glass wracks at and other auto spare parts selling companies.

To replace the entire windshield is not an easy job, but to save the lives of people and to not being charged with a heavy fine, replacing the windshield does make sense.