Whether for business or pleasure, several factors influence your traveling plans. Renting a vehicle is one of those factors involved with all travel excursions. When choosing the best vehicle for you, the price is always the first aspect of thought. However, with the introduction of fuel economy cars Antalya, environmentally aware driver now have more options than ever to consider.Antalya located along the beautiful coast of Turkey is one of the destinations, travelers wish to maintain the integrity of its overall air quality. Choosing a fuel-efficient economic car will help benefit all areas of travel.

What does economic car mean?

Economic car rentals Antalya are traditionally more compact thus saving fuel. However, companies have started introduce larger vehicles that share similar fuel efficiency has their smaller models. Fuel efficiency is measured the distance traveled per unit of fuel consumed. In places such as Antalya Turkey who primarily use the metric system, fuel economy is stated in kilometres per litre. There are many other factors that go into fuel efficient cars including engine parameters, weight, aerodynamic drag, and rolling resistance. Huge advances have been made in this industry in past several years, automakers have introduced alternative vehicles such as hybrid and electric/plug-in vehicles.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles:

Using two or more power sources, hybrid vehicles use both traditional fuels and have electronic capabilities. For example, These particular models have a convent along internal combustion engine and an electric motor containing high voltage.

Electric cars are vehicles that are propelled by one or more electric motors, making them three times more efficient than a vehicle with a traditional internal combustion engine. Electric cars have stored rechargeable internal batteries and recharging capabilities ( a system that plugs into a charging station). These models and void of exhaust and are known to create a smooth and quiet driving experience.


As stated above, there are many benefits to choosing an economic car when renting.

  • Fuel efficient cars will save you money when it comes to gas refueling. Completely eliminating the cost when choosing an electric vehicle.
  • By reducing carbon dioxide output from burning fuel into the environment, you are reducing climate change and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Alternative technologies are more sustainable than oil. By reducing consumption of oil, we become less dependent on a non-renewable resources.


When renting economic vehicles, prices are competitive with those that are not considered fuel efficient. While pricing may be similar, the benefits can far outway the difference (if any) in pricing.

economic rental cars in antalya choices

Nearly all car manufacturers have introduced an economically fuel efficient vehicle. BMW i3, Chevrolet Spark EV, Volkswagen e-golf, Fiat 500e, Nissan Leaf, Kia Soul EV, Ford Focus Electric, and Toyota Prius are only a few examples.

 will offer a variety of different models to choose from. Research which vehicle best suits your travel needs before making your commitment. Choosing energy efficient when you rent, is the best way to protect your surrounding environments,Turkey make choosing an economic car simple, and convenient.