Chosen or undergone, an organization is organized in the couple as soon as a child arrives. When disability gets involved, the division of roles between mother and father becomes even more essential. But according to what criteria does it operate?

The division of tasks, eternal and wide debate. If the question can arise from the evolution of the couple, it takes all its dimension when a first child comes into the world. The specific roles that could be established between the father and the mother are accentuated then, the gap broadens and rarely for the benefit of women. First observation, some of them reduce or stop their professional activity at the birth of the child. An option that often becomes an obligation when he has a disability.

The Job of the Privileged Father

Certainly, it happens that fathers carry out similar obligation. But in the general public built on the patriarchal model, the employer will better consider a mother’s request for a part-time job. Rather than that of a dad for more availability. The practical aspect does the rest in terms of care, rehabilitation, equipment especially for mobility which eases stress like wheelchair accessible van, specialized school. The handicap has a cost, and the couples, logically, favor the employment of the one who gains the most.

A Standard Model?

We discover, in part, the “classic specialization discerned in the greater mass of families. The mother will no longer care for the body, the food; dad will be more in the movement, the socialization, the opening leading to the outside. A question of natural sensitivity? No doubt, but if the modes of interaction of each parent with his child are specific, the models evolve. The organization which is organized becomes especially the fact of the availabilities of one and the other.