Knowing how to do the basic bike maintenance tasks is essential. You do not have to be a pro-licensed mechanic to perform these tasks. This article offers the most critical bike-maintenance procedures and how you can do them on your own with motorcycle parts and tools.

Draining the Gas Tank

Your bike might fail to start if its gas tank contains old and untreated fuel. Empty the gas reservoir and inspect the fuel. If you see a brown grit coming out with fuel, it is a sign that the interior of the tank has rusted. Flush the gas container with the acid remover to avert problem with the fuel system, ensuring a clean burning fuel.

Use Fuel Stabilizer to Treat the Gasoline

Even after you drain the fuel system, there is a possibility that a decayed gas and ethanol are left in the fuel tank. Decayed gas and ethanol can lead to engine misfiring beyond the primary DIY motorcycle repair. Applying the fuel stabiliser to the gas tank will help you clear any residues and makes the fuel system to remain in good condition.

Changing the Oil

Albeit you might have replaced the oil and filter it before storing the motorbike for the winter, professionals recommend that you repeat the procedure before you embark on the upcoming bike riding season. The oil might have condensation accumulated from the winter since it has not been used for long. Make sure you check the level of the oil before embarking on the trip.

Inspect All Fluids

Gas is not the only fluid that should be checked when reviving your motorcycle. Examine the hydraulic and level of brake fluid and ensure any liquid that remained in the reservoirs didn’t deteriorate. Check the colour and consistencies of the fluids and change any fluid that appears dirty or different from unused one.

Battery Inspection

If the bike has been staying with the battery for the whole of winter, the battery should be either charged or changed. You will retrieve it from the bike and charge it overnight. Alternatively, you can examine the fluid levels of each cell if you do not have a maintenance free battery. Fill the cavities with distilled water to maintain the required combination level of water and sulfuric acid without adding any minerals.

Once the battery is fully charged, test it and change it immediately if it fails to work. Replacing sensitive motorcycle parts like batteries is essential as it will help you prevent unpredictable issues.

Brighten the Headlights

If your motorcycle’s headlight lenses appear foggy, this means that the visibility is affected. Visit your local shop and purchase a headlight cleaning kit for less than $20 and polish the headlight. According to different research, most of the motorbike accidents take place because the car drivers said that they didn’t see the motorcycle coming. Avoid unsafe riding by ensuring that your monocycle’s lights are bright.

Clean and Grease Chain

Bear in mind that an oily chain will hinder how the bike runs. To fix this, you need to purchase a wire brush and put it in a degreaser. Use the wire brush and scratch it against the chain until it’s clean. Use the new degreaser to rinse and then wipe dry using a spongy material and spray the sprocket side with lubricant.