Whether you use it to commute to work, for commercial purposes or to run errands, your vehicle needs to be in the best working condition if you intend to enjoy top performance and long-term service. However, to ensure these things, you need to take it to experienced mechanics for repair, as well as servicing. Luckily, there are auto repair centres that have specialized in providing these services at budget-friendly costs.

Auto Repair Services in Edmonton and Sherwood Park

Whether you are in Edmonton or Sherwood Park and your vehicle is broken down or it needs regular maintenance, you will find well-equipped auto repair centres that can help. These centres are staffed with well-trained and highly skilled mechanics who can handle a wide range of vehicle repair services quickly and reliably. Whether you are in need of a transmission fluid change in Edmonton or general auto repair in Sherwood Park, these centres can help. Their expert services are not only efficient, but also cost effective and highly reliable. Their services include:

  1. Transmission Repair

These auto repair experts usually employ the use of computerized technology to quickly identify the problem with your automatic transmission system. Some of the signs that show your system requires transmission repair include:

  1. a) Gear slipping
  2. b) Rough shifting
  3. c) Delaying of engagement
  4. d) Leaking transmission fluid and
  5. e) Transmission warning lights

If you experience any of these signs, the experts can help to fix the transmission of your vehicle. These experts also offer manual transmission repair for those people that still enjoy the stick-shift.

  1. Transmission Rebuilds

Rebuilds are done when your vehicle’s transmission system is worn down. Expert mechanics will rebuild your system, hence saving on time and cost in comparison to the replacement of the vehicle itself. The technicians will inspect it, identify the problem and replace the worn out parts. Once this is done, they will test your vehicle to ensure that it is in perfect condition before hitting the road.

  1. Transfer Cases

Transfer cases are an integral part of your vehicle, which transfer power from the transmission to the rear and front axles. If you need this system repaired or replaced, these technicians can help you out. The following signs may indicate that your vehicle’s transfer cases probably need to be checked:

  1. a) Grinding noises during shifting
  2. b) Involuntarily shifting out of gear
  3. c) Difficulty in shifting
  4. d) Going in and out of 4-wheel drive

In case you notice any of these signs, the technicians will be at your service to help correct the problem.

  1. Front and Rear Differentials

Differentials help in ensuring that your car maintains its speed when maneuvering corners and traction when moving in a straight line. Vehicles operate with different differentials including open differentials, limited slip differentials, locking differentials, and electronically-controlled differentials. These technicians always offer repair and replacement for a reasonable cost.

  1. Clutch Repairs

When your clutch is worn out, you should have it repaired immediately. If you experience distorted acceleration, change in pedal height, or a burning smell, then you probably require clutch repair. These centres usually offer expert service for all repairs, including the repair of clutch cables, discs and pressure plates.

These experts are also known to offer reliable out-of-town services for non-residents. Whether you own a 4×4, a sedan or any other vehicle, these professionals are able to cater for all your repair and maintenance needs. If you are in need of auto repair in Sherwood Park or a transmission fluid change in Edmonton, these professionals can help.