Car rentals are an option millions take advantage of each year, and it is now widely available for nearly anyone to enjoy. In the past, renting a car was reserved for busy executives on the road for their company, but now anyone can rent one for almost any reason. The money you save in the long run will add up quickly, and the luxury of having your own car rather than relying on public transportation will make this a fantastic idea. Whether you are on the road for holiday, to visit family, or for business, you can trust this to be your best option.


Renting a car is a clever option when you want to enjoy complete freedom of mobility during your travels. In essence, you own your own vehicle throughout the duration of the rental period, and that means it is always available to you. For example, you may travel halfway across the country on holiday. In a rental car, you can stop at any time along the way for a delicious meal at a restaurant or to take photographs of a particularly beautiful sight. If you chose to travel via public transportation or a taxi, you will be forced to wait for the next vehicle to arrive before you go.

Save Money

Companies such as Express Rent-A-Car help you save money in many ways. For example, renting a car is far more cost-effective than using public transportation. You never need to build your itinerary around another company’s schedule, and you can put that extra money toward other adventures during your travels.

In addition, you have the option of choosing a hotel or another form of accommodation that is farther from the city centre. With this option, you can put another five minutes on your drive time and save hundreds in the meantime. This is due to the fact that hotels located away from the centre of a city are commonly less expensive, and you do not have to deal with the crowds and chaos in the centre of town.

Quality of Life

Renting a car dramatically improves any travelling you do. For example, flying to a new location for business can be stressful in and of itself. The price of taxis will add up quickly, and you may find yourself choosing between a ride to your hotel and dinner that night. Rather than add to your frustrations, choose an option that does not cost any additional money to use. You will enjoy a more comfortable, cleaner ride, will not be forced to speak with strangers, and will have the privacy of the entire vehicle to yourself.

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Nearly all forms of public transportation can only take you so far, and a taxi will charge you additional or higher fees for long-distance travel. By renting a car, you allow yourself the opportunity to explore places out of reach via other means. Whether you want to explore ruins near the main city, visit the coastline, or drive down some of the lesser known roads on your own terms, a rented car is your best option to make that happen.