The physical distress, emotional baggage and financial stress accompanied by a car accident is usually overwhelming to the victims of such an accident. With the help of experienced St. Louis car accident lawyers car accident lawyer, complaints can be filed so that you are rightly compensated for the losses incurred due to the accident. Once a complaint is filed, you become the plaintiff in a car accident claim, and the person responsible for the accident becomes the defendant. In a car accident claim, money damages can be given to you the plaintiff once the defendant is found to be legally responsible for the accident. Your lawyer’s job is to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you deserve compensation. Damages can either be agreed in a negotiated settlement or ordered by a judge after a lawsuit. The types of damages awarded in a car accident claim are;

1.Compensatory damages: as the name suggests, these damages are meant to compensate the accident victim for any losses incurred due to the accident. They try to put a monetary value on the effects of the accident on the injured person. Alternatively known as actual damages, compensatory damages can either be;

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a)Special compensatory damages which compensate for the financial cost incurred because of an injury obtained from an accident. Depending on the extent of the injury and how long the injury takes to heal, the car accident attorney can vouch for a high compensation. An injury, other than creating high medical bills can hinder someone from going to work thus cutting his or her supply of income among other things. Special damage claims are extensive and may include but are not limited to current medical bills and cost of future medical care, loss of earnings, household expenses and loss of future earnings among others.

b)General Compensatory damages which are aimed at compensating the accident victim for the non-monetary damages they incur due to the accident. Such damages include but are not limited to pain and suffering, loss of companionship, emotional distress and loss of enjoyment, among others. These damages are termed general since every accident victim is bound to undergo one or two of the distresses following an injury. 

2.Wrongful Death Damages: these are given to the surviving family members of an accident victim who lost his or her life. These damages include funeral and burial expenses, loss of financial contribution, emotional distress of the family members, pre-death medical care treatment among others. These cases are handled by a wrongful death lawyer. 

3.Punitive Damages: Rarely awarded, these damages are paid to the plaintiff only when the accident was an act of malice on the part of the defendant. In common cases, these damages are awarded when the defendant is found guilty of fraud or wanton.

It is important to have a qualified lawyer when filing for an accident claim will ensure that you get a fair awarding of your damages from the defendant. This will ensure that your pre-accident condition is restored in the best way possible.