Are you looking to DIY your Tacoma but don’t know where to begin? If so, we are here to help you find the best DIY options for your Tacoma so you can have the best truck in town.

Having a DIY Toyota can help to add another layer of security to your truck and even make it more durable. To learn how to modify your Tacoma keep reading below.

  1. Add Side Steps and Running Boards

Running boards and side steps are an awesome way to DIY Toyota. These Toyota Tacoma upgrades will help to make your truck look better while making them more accessible.

There is a large variety of running boards and side steps that you can choose from. There are even a large number of designs that are available for these items.

Adding side steps and running boards will help to create a platform that’s secure when stepped upon. The accessibility of your truck will be better also because it will provide easier access to your cab.

These items are great for passengers that need assistance when getting into the cab. But if you’re planning on lifting your Tacoma then these will be a must so anyone can have access to the cab.

If you don’t like the look of the nerf bars, then you have the option of getting retractable power steps. These will hide away under your truck and extend when the door opens.

  1. Change the Bumper

Another great way to customize your Toyota Tacoma is to change up its bumper. You can replace the bumper with a different color or style. You should even consider switching it out for a 1st gen Tacoma bumper.

  1. Add Tonneau Covers 

Adding a tonneau cover onto the bed of your truck is one of the best Tacoma upgrades you can make. These covers are a great way to protect the bed of your truck while also protecting the items that you keep in the bed.

When thinking of tonneau covers you may be thinking of the black ones that are seen on a number of trucks. The upside to this is that if black isn’t your style you can opt to get one of the many colors that these covers come in. Some of them even come made out of different materials to add a nice textured look.

Some of these covers even roll over the bed. Others will fold up and down and then slide into place. You will even have the choice of getting a hardcover or a soft one.

Getting a tonneau cover will help to improve your Tacoma greatly. Other than creating a dry and secure space in your bed, the covers can lock which brings up the overall security of your truck.

  1. Change up the Floor Mats

One of the easiest things you can change about your Tacoma is its floor mats. Floor mats help to keep the interior of your truck clean while being durable.

You should think about installing a rugged floor mat for your Tacoma. Floor mats that are durable can be washed with a hose and not bend or crack. The best part about floor mats is that there are many designs, colors, and even characters to choose from.

So, if your heart wants your favorite color or character you can find a floor mat that will express your style. Floor mats are available for both the front and back seats.

These mats become secure when placed onto the floor of your truck so there isn’t a chance of it sliding around and getting dirt everywhere. The higher the quality of floor mats that you choose the better they will be at fitting and locking into the carpet of your cab.

  1. Add an Organizer to Your Center Console

One of the easiest DIYs you can do for your Tacoma is to add an organizer to the center console. This will help to make sure nothing gets lost in your car while keeping the clutter at bay.

Adding an organizer will divide the open space of the center console into eight or six sections, depending on what organizer you make. It also depends on how much space there is to place your organizer depending on what generation your Tacoma is.

  1. Replace Interior Lights with LEDs

If you find that the lights in your interior are going or they’re too dim, then it’s time to upgrade. We suggest replacing the interior bulbs with LED lights. You can even take it the next step and place the LED lights on the outside of your car by placing them above the plate bumper.

  1. Add Deflectors to Protect Your Tacoma

A great way to help protect your Tacoma while doing a modification is to add deflectors. Adding deflectors will help to protect your truck and yourself from any debris that is airborne. Debris can include things such as rain, wind, and insects to name a few.

Adding defectors to your windows will allow you to drive with the windows down and not have to worry about something unpleasant coming into your cab. Deflectors are made out of acrylic plastic and come in tint options so you can select the best one for you and your truck.

Now You Know How to Do DIY Toyota Tacoma Modifications

We have given you a list of the top things you can do to create a DIY Toyota. From adding deflectors to protect you and your ride to adding a new bumper, you’ll be modifying your Tacoma in no time.

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