Theworld’sbesttrucksof 2020 is numerous; it is a vast category of automobiles from different manufacturers. Those all are reliable, able to maintain their functions, and what is the most important is that they never let their drivers down. Ifyouwanttodriveoneofthesewonderfulcars, the CDL training course is what you need. Afterpassingit, you’llbeableto control one of three best trucks described below in this article. 

Volvo FH16 

TheVolvoFH16 modelispresentontheEuropeanandUSmarket and it is available in Brazil, Asia, Middle East and Africa. It is not a truck but a real beast, as experienced truck drivers call it. And it is considered as the world’s heavy duty truck which is manufactured by a Swedish company. It has good efficiency and feels very comfort while driving. Volvo FH16 is the most reliable tool which offers comfortable and ease working environment.

Two fuel tanks 550 liters each, 90 km per hour of maximum speed and the possibility to transport 80 tons of cargo with total movement safety are the features they love Volvo FH16 all over the world. 

Scania R730 V8 

Scania R730 V8 vehicle has 8 wheel heavy haulage tractors and it has variable geometry turbo charge. The main task of Scania R730 V8 is cargo transportation through any type of roads, including severe natural or tough landscape conditions. It has cartridge style fuel filter in its engine and Centrifugal engine oil filter to make a smooth drive with heavy loads. Scania has electronically controlled disc brakes. 

Even when fully loaded, this Scania truck can accelerate up to 85 km per hour, but the fuel consumption will reach 42 liters on 100 km. That’s no wonder, because this outstanding truck has 730 h. p. in its engine!


It is designed not only for country driving but for long distance transportations, which has high transport capacity including those with routes crossing multiple borders and difficult paths. You can even go for a long drive which gives good mileage with less fuel consumption. It can carry heavy loads like wood, heavy weight materials. 

The height of the cabin allows an adult person standing inside it with comfort. Modern engines with latest technologies implemented in them by MAN are installed in TGX. The engine has sustainable power and more efficient, and it has maximum warranty period for engine. There are several different motors, and all of them are not only powerful but able to hold the line under the highest load and maintain full correlation with freshest ecological standards which makes the driving more comfort and safety. Only the mechanical gearbox with 12 or 16 steps is installed in all MAN TGX modifications. 

The MAN TGX truck is also used in some emergency services in fire department. In some long roads, this truck is also used for cleaning and disposing the waste by using the truck. Maintenance cost is low as compared to other trucks