If you begin to look out for the car accessories out there, you will be astonished to come across a plethora of options. So if you have decided to spend money on a few, we will guide you through some interesting options. In simple words, all of us are in need of essential car accessories that can add value to the vehicle altogether. Although every car is packed with all the essential accessories, still you will be in need of new ones when the old ones get worn out. Furthermore, people also invest in car accessories because they intend to keep up with the times. Keep in mind, if you are a millennial car owner, you will have to spend on car accessories to get whatever you have been looking for. In this feature, we will guide you through some of the most expensive car accessories, you’ve probably never heard of:

  1. Mulliner Timepiece

The reason why this timepiece is so special is not that it was designed as the right fit for the Bentley Bentayga but because it was prepared with gold. For your information, it is also inclusive of 12 diamonds that add a  royal look to its beauty. If you don’t know, Queen Elizabeth II was its first customer. Being sold at $160,000, this accessory is not affordable for conventional car owners. It is reserved for the elite and people who love to splurge on vehicles.

  1. Louis Vuitton Car Bags

Most people believe this was nothing less than a match made in heaven. All of us are aware of the fact that the i8 doesn’t have elaborate trunk space. However, the latest LV bags can easily solve this problem. They are custom-made and can suffice for the needs of travelers. The two bags are very expensive and will cost you around $20,000, which is way more than the Ford Ranger interior lights. So if you have decided to splurge on this option, you better keep them safe till eternity.

  1. Skycamp Rooftop Tent

Let’s say, if you are out and about on a camping trip and have no clue about setting up a tent, you can rely on the Skycamp rooftop tent. So this way, you will rest assured about not having any issues during the camping trip. this camp can be set up in less than 20 minutes and provide you with an elaborate space to rest in the car. Especially if you are skeptical about being surrounded by wild animals In the jungle, this camp will be a great relief for you.

  1. Rock Mounted Road Shower

After you’ve had a long and elaborate trip throughout the day, the road shower will make it possible for you to enjoy everything while sitting in your car. Keep in mind, it can carry around 20 liters of solar water easily. This accessory is built for people who intend to set off an adventurous trip for days. However, if you want to wash your car after the trip, you will also be provided with a handy wash. At $330, this car accessory is a must-have for everyone.