Ford cars made its debut in the year 1908 with the model T and more than 10,000 cars were sold only in its initial year. Since that period, this company is continuously manufacturing cars plus trucks and they have turned out to be classics among the Americans. During the period between 1908 and 1919, this company begun marketing a huge variety of vehicles and that includes the Speedster, the Touring Car, and the Sedan and nearly all Americans embraced these models. During the 1920s, this company began to manufacture cars, like the Pie Wagon, the Huckster, and the flatbed trucks.

By the period 1930s, style turned out to be a larger selling point and so, Ford came out with a series of vehicles, like the Phaeton, the Victoria, the Tudor plus the company’s first convertibles. During the 1940s, Ford came with economy and style in mind and became the leader of the American motor industry. During the 1950s, classic Ford became the trend and models like the Sedan and the Victoria became the pleasure of the Americans. In this period, the Ranchero was also manufactured and it was designed as half-truck and half-car. For buying reliable vehicles, either new or used, visit Homer Skelton Ford of Millington Specials in Millington.

Enjoy rebates on the cars before you buy

If you decide to purchase a Ford car, you might come across many advertised incentives and rebates. They are viewed as big portions of the car industry. You can also avail special offers which are preserved for some groups, such as business owners, disabled people, and the active military people. Nonetheless, every time you go to buy a new car, you ought to go through the website to know whether or not there is any fresh rebate or fresh offer. These rebates and offers are certainly not there for the used cars which you wish to dispose of.

For instance, you can dispose of your used car, like your used Mondeo, used Fiesta or used Focus for buying a new car, so, you will be able to enjoy the offers which would be highly beneficial to you and hence, you should never forget to check out these offers to avail the finest advantages. There is a stiff competition in the automobile market and every company is putting its best efforts to allure customers with rebates and discounts of different kinds. Due to this, Ford too is attempting to turn exchange deals more customer friendly and more attractive by proposing improved options.

The advantages of extra warranty

When the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you can opt for an extended warranty. These warranties give people an extra peace of mind as people do not bother about the breakdown costs. The price of repairing is depending on the model of the car plus the nature of the problem. The best part is the repairing cost of Ford is comparatively lower among other rival manufacturers. And the reason behind is that this company is hugely popular in many nations. So, customers get inexpensive spare parts. When you decide to buy a car, do so from Homer Skelton Ford of Millington Specials as here, you can leave your worries and botheration at bay.