The New Venture Gear 3550 was introduced to the Jeep TJ Wrangler and XJ Cherokee models in 2000, replacing the previous AX15 transmission. It is also found in Dodge pickup trucks. Its last year in the Jeep was 2004, after which it was replaced by the NSG370 six-speed.


The 3550 is an improved moving transmission. It highlights five velocities with a direct drive fourth apparatus and an overdriven fifth rigging. It is completely synchronized in all apparatuses, aside from the switch, and has helically cut riggings for every speed.

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Recognizable display

The NV3550 is 16.7″ long and has a cast aluminum case with liberal lining. With its removable Jeep I6 bellhousing, it measures 23.1″. The front jolt design is oval-shaped and bears dowel pins for greater accuracy,  placing the arrangement to the bellhousing. The front bearing retainer comes with a basic throwout sleeve for a conventional throwout bearing.

Splining implies that the information shaft is basically arguably 10 splines x 1-1/8″ distance across. In any case, there are a few reports about the 2004 3550 version in Jeeps that state 19 spline x 1″ input shafts. The yield shaft has 23 splines and is merged with the back front of the exchange case connector ribbing.

NV3550 Specs at a Glance:

The 3550 has a genuinely open torque transmitting limit as guaranteed by its manufacturer.  Experience shows that it doesn’t differ much from AX15, however some of its users have reported a few drawbacks. These were cases involving driving in an inappropriate territory or poorly-instructed usage of the overdrive equip.

The Jeep 3550 was  joined with the NP231 and NP241OR transfer cases. It includes the normal Jeep/Dodge 6-jolt transfer case mounting front for driver’s side drop transfer cases. The 2- spline yield shaft makes it perfect for the 23-spline adaptation of the NP231.

Discovering Jeep NV3550 Transmission ready to be purchased

The last couple of months, I had to look for another transmission. Riggings were tough and the fifth apparatus was totally damaged. It would simply flee from the apparatus regardless of the power connected to it. Things got worse within a period of 3 months. I searched online and  there were very few people that were talking about where to buy a new or restored NV3550.

The most appropriate option I had thought of was High Gear Transmissions, a business out of Memphis, TN. I have spoken to them over the phone and they seemed to knew their stuff.

I eventually  picked the multi day option, which costed $850. Transportation fees to Southern Texas were $210, and I owe them my piece, which they value at $350. Just to be clear I will owe them that much in case that I don’t get it back to them.

Transferring the t-case and bellhousing over to the new box was not important . There are a couple little sections to remove from the old gearbox for connecting those irritating spiked clasps on the wiring bridle.

Man, this  feels like another auto and surpassed my expectations. Decent banging but smooth movements , and not as noisy as before.

Very small complaint

My ONLY complaint with this transmission is that the covering they’ve used on the exterior, while looking pleasant and sturdy, it  seems to have been connected using a small amount of rust and muck. A sandblasting and crisp cover  would have been great in this case.