When is the last time that you had the battery in your car replaced?

If it’s been more than five years now, you should consider trying to replace your car battery soon. Most experts will tell you that you’re not going to be able to keep your battery for much longer than that.

There is also a chance that your car battery could conk out on you even sooner than expected. Some people have to go through the process of replacing old batteries in just three years in certain cases.

There are a handful of signs that will let you know that you need a new car battery. You should keep a close eye on your battery to see if it’s running out of car battery life and replace it.

Here are ten signs that will indicate that you need to replace your car battery ASAP.

1. Battery Warning Light Appears on Dashboard

If you have a car that’s on the newer side, there is a good chance that it has a dashboard warning light for your battery that will turn on at the first sign of trouble. You should look out for it at all times.

This light will turn on when you first start your car. But it’ll turn off just as quickly and won’t be something you need to be concerned about.

If, however, this warning light turns on and stays on, it often means it’s time for you to replace your car battery. Avoid turning a blind eye to this light and take care of it immediately.

2. Car Makes Clicking Sound When Started

Is your car making a very fast clicking sound when you put your key into the ignition and turn it? More often than not, this is going to suggest that you may need to replace your car battery.

This happens when there isn’t enough available power to get your engine to crank. Your battery is, for one reason or another, unable to produce the necessary power, and it’s prohibiting your engine from starting up.

You might be able to jumpstart your car to get it going again. But you might also need to replace your car battery to alleviate the issue once and for all.

3. Car’s Engine Cranks Slower Than Usual

Getting nothing but a clicking sound when you go to start your car is pretty much a worst-case scenario for your car battery. But you might also find yourself in a tough spot if your car’s engine is cranking slower than it normally does.

While you might be able to crank your engine enough to get it to start when you find yourself in this position, it’s going to be a pretty clear-cut sign that your battery is on its way out. You’ll want to replace your car battery before it stops cranking altogether and leaves you stranded.

4. Car Headlights Aren’t Shining Bright Enough

Are you having some trouble seeing in your car at night even though you have your headlights turned on? Your headlights might not the problem!

It could be your weakened car battery that’s giving your headlights fits. When your headlights don’t get enough power delivered to them, they’re not going to be able to shine bright like you need them to.

Driving your car around in this condition could potentially be very dangerous. You’ll have no choice but to replace your car battery to bring your headlights back to life.

5. Electrical Components in Car Don’t Always Work

In addition to looking out for issues with your car’s headlights when it comes to your battery, you should also monitor your other electrical components. This will include your:

  • Power windows
  • Power seats
  • Radio
  • Windshield wipers

If any of these things stop working like they’re supposed to—or worse, if they all stop working at once—a bad car battery could very well be to blame. Buying new batteries will be the only option for those dealing with this.

6. Lights Left on in Car for Long Stretches of Time

Have you left the lights on in your car overnight in recent days or weeks? Sadly, you did a number to your car battery when you did.

When you leave something on in a car overnight, it’ll drain a battery down to a very low car battery fuel level. And while you might be able to recharge it, you could kill your car battery by doing this and struggle to bring it back from the dead.

To be on the safe side, you’ll need to replace your car battery. You’ll also need to make it a point to steer clear of leaving your lights on overnight in the future.

7. Case for Car Battery Swollen

Every so often, you should pop your car’s hood and give your car battery a quick visual inspection. You should see if the case for it looks swollen at all.

Since car batteries are subjected to tons of heat over time, it could start to take a toll on them. This heat can cause a car battery to swell up, and once it hits that point, it won’t ever return to its original shape again.

You might be able to get away with driving it around for just a little while longer. But replacing old batteries is almost always a better option in this scenario.

8. Car’s Battery Terminals Too Loose

While you’re checking the shape of a car battery, you shouldn’t be afraid to tinker with the terminals on it, too. They can tell you a whole lot about the condition of a battery.

The terminals on a car battery should be nice and snug. If they’re loose at all, they’re not going to be able to help start your car up smoothly.

You might be able to get around replacing your battery in this instance by tightening up the terminals. But if that doesn’t work, you’ll have no other option but to replace your car battery.

9. Battery Routinely Subjected to Very Hot or Cold Temperatures

Do you live in a place that gets either very hot or very cold at certain times throughout the year? You’re going to fall into the category of people who need to replace their car batteries at least every three years, if not sooner.

Your car battery is going to get bombarded by the elements every single day. It’s going to wear out way quicker than it would otherwise and cause issues for you if you’re not diligent about replacing it in a timely fashion.

You should plan to replace your car battery on a regular basis when you’re always subjecting it to excessively hot and cold temperatures. You should also read things like this article on Auto Battery Maintenance Tips for Africa’s Unique Conditions to figure out how to beat the heat.

10. Total Lack of Confidence in Car Battery

Is there anything worse than turning the key for your car and realizing that it’s not going to start for you?

This can serve as a minor nuisance if it happens when your car is parked outside your home in your driveway. But it can be very problematic if your car is parked at work, at a store, or in another city and won’t start.

You can jumpstart a car that won’t start a few times if you don’t want to replace your car battery. But eventually, you’re going to get sick and tired of doing this.

You’re also going to start to lose confidence in your car’s ability to start, which is going to leave you on edge every time you have to drive it. You’re going to hate having to cross your fingers (and toes!) to hope your car starts.

You’ll love the feeling that a new car battery brings. You’ll feel so much more confident in your car, and you won’t find yourself worrying about what might happen if it won’t start anymore.

Replace Your Car Battery If You See Any of These Signs

There will be times when you’ll know, without a doubt, that you need to replace your car battery. For example, you’ll know that it’s time to replace it when your car’s engine cranks over and over (and over!) again when you go to start it.

But as you’ve seen here, there are also some not-so-obvious signs that might indicate issues with your car battery. You need to have them on your radar as well so that you don’t find yourself with a completely dead battery on your hands at any point. Would you like to check out some more informative articles about car batteries? Find them by seeing everything else that our blog has to offer.