If car’s exhaust tailpipe is dripping water, then there is no need to freak out. However, if it is continuously dripping after several or during running, then there might be chances that you need to replace head gasket of car that has been damaged probably.

But to know the exact cause, let us read in more detail.

In the event that you see fluid dribbling out of your suppressor or your tailpipe, your fumes framework, for the most part that is buildup. The side-effects are innocuous on the grounds that fumes framework get very hot so it causes dampness when they chill off to gather in the suppressor and to dribble down out of fumes.

If you think that dripping water out of tailpipe is a subject of worry, then cool down. Its normal and no major problems have occurred initially.

But it doesn’t mean that you can just ignore it and sit relaxed. Read out further to know when to start stressing!

Smoke and water emissions

The smoke should be carefully noticed especially its characteristics like odour, colour and amount of water vapour. This is because smoke can be signal to a potential damage of an auto part.

Small emissions are harmless and there is nothing to worry about. But sometimes it is just a question of how long the smoke is emitting. The darker the smoke is, the more serius the problem is.

For instance, black smoke suggests that the engine is flooded with gasoline or the fuel injector is damaged. The white smoke is serious if there appears to be a cracked cylinder head or an engine block that is showing fissures.

The smoke is also a good indicator of what kind of repair job your car needs. Cracked piston will not only generate smoke and water but will also produce burning odour. You can anticipate more serious engine problems if you smell something like maple syrup coming out of tailpipe.

Catalytic converter by products

Catalytic converter are used in exhaust systems to provide a site for the oxidation and reduction of toxic by products such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide or other hydrocarbons of fuel into less harmful substances like water vapour, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas.

Catalytic converters are considered as one of the most expensive and theft prone component of a car because of its composition of expensive metals.

Failed catalytic converter results in decreased MPG, vehicle stalling, bad emissions out of car. So, make sure is it really water coming out of tailpipe?

Engine combustion water condensation

If there was enough moisture in the atmosphere to produce condensation then it would be condensing on everything. There would actually be less of it condensing on the tailpipe, because the tailpipe is quite warm.

In fact the water is produced by the combustion of fuel in the car.

As combustion takes place in car’s engine, a mixture of water and carbon dioxide is created. When the engine has cooled and any exhaust gas exits the chamber, that condensation of water and carbon dioxide becomes much more noticeable and in a moment, you will see water dripping out of tailpipe.

Water can be noticed in tailpipe when the engine is hot. This is likely due to the fact that when engine heats up, the exhaust system produces heat as well which presents as vapour in tailpipe.

But you should be concerned if the water has been still dripping even after your car has been running for a while.

Final thoughts

Under normal situations, a small amount of water in the form of condensation can form on the inside of your car’s exhaust pipe. This is the result of driving your car under typical weather condition which results in water residue building up out of exhaust pipe.

The water is nothing but that condensed water.

But though it doesn’t seems like a major problem at first but because of external temperatures like cold, the moisture inside the tailpipe will start to solidify thus creating leaks.

As always, leaks are the worst enemies of auto parts. Getting your car tuned and checked regularly can prevent any of the leaks from building up although water droplets alone shouldn’t cause alarm.

Nevertheless, proper care and maintenance of the overall car is very important. If in case, some of your auto body parts are worn out already, there’s no need to worry.

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