There are numerous ways to get rid of an unwanted vehicle. You can place a newspaper ad, trade it in, sell it online or even put it into long-term storage. However, these options can be either time-consuming or expensive.

So, you can opt for Car Donation for Veteran Charity which provides a better alternative to selling or storage options. While donating the car is not the first thing that may pop into your mind, it can be the ideal thing you can do with your unused vehicle.

If your car still functions decently, donating it can have several benefits. Following are the reasons that can probably convince you to donate the vehicle.

Support charitable work

Donations for a good cause help make society a better place to live in. When you donate a car you don’t need, the charitable organizations turn it into cash, and the proceeds go to veteran charity.

Moreover, Car Donation for Veteran Charity has a lot of significance as you could be supporting the veterans who served the nation. The donations can provide for their health and wellness, employment, housing, medical care, and other needs.

Save money

There may be some reason why you have kept holding on to your unwanted vehicle. Maybe it has sentimental values, or you have delayed getting it fixed. Or, you use a seasonal vehicle like an RV or boat a few times a year but pay for its storage. But, when you choose to donate it, you save money on repairs, storage, and insurance.

Avoid the hassle of selling

An unwanted vehicle takes up much space. If you keep it in a shed or small garage, it takes up most space. Imagine what you could do if you used the space for other purposes.

However, selling your car and getting a fair amount for it is quite a hassle. You may have to place ads for which you have to incur costs. You must also deal with emails or phone calls, show the car to potential buyers, and negotiate the price. But when you donate your car, you remain stress-free throughout the process.

Get tax deductions

Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS considers donating vehicles from veterans as tax-deductible. Once your donation process is complete, you receive a receipt to claim a deduction on the taxes. Hence, Car Donation to Veteran Charity can be an effective way of reducing your taxable income. 

Enjoy free-pick ups

Many charities that accept cars as donations collect and tow them for free. These charities serve cities and rural areas in every US state. However, they will deduct the cost from the car’s value which may reduce your tax deductions.

So, if you find that towing amounts account for a significant percentage of the vehicle’s worth, you can drive it yourself.

Get rid of complex work

There could be several complexities if your car doesn’t have a title. Charities even accept such cars and sell them for parts or scraps, which may reduce the value of your tax deduction. But at least you can move it from your driveway and avoid the expense of title replacement.

All you need to do is get in touch with the charity, which will deal with everything from towing to paperwork.

Donating your car is helpful for you and the charity. But before donating, make sure you go through the IRS website and find out whether your charity is a qualified organization. Also, note that only a beneficial donation that involves proper usage of the car by the charity or for any of its missions can help you reach a figure near the vehicle’s blue book value.