Every year, Volkswagen increases its popularity and acceptance among users in the world, surprising with new car models. But a Volkswagen isn’t a car like any other. It’s the masterpiece of the best engineers combined with the best workforce in the world. For that reason, Volkswagen is one of the most stable and profitable companies on the planet. But why has Volkswagen become so popular?

Interestingly, the Volkswagen idea was born with the socialism’s arrival to Germany, when Hitler called a national contest where only the brightest minds in the country would compete against each other to design the best car. At that time, Ferdinand Porsche presented the first design of the Beetle model. Besides being a fairly cheap and compact model, its design was very different from the other cars that used to be sold at the time. After Hitler made some modifications to aesthetics of headlights and chassis, the Beetle began to be mass produced.

At that time, Henry Ford was the most powerful magnate in the automobile industry. Interestingly, the businessman was also a Hitler supporter. However, Porsche’s original purpose wasn’t just to please Hitler, but to create the most powerful car company to make see mass production model by Ford as a simple children game.

Decades later, Volkswagen succeeded, beating Ford in number of worldwide produced vehicles. From 1938 to the early 2000’s, the production of the Beetle remained uninterrupted.

However, with advances in technology and new trends in car design, Volkswagen hasn’t been satisfied with producing only the same model that made it famous. New models such as Volkswagen Polo and Volkswagen Ameo have become even more popular than the Beetle model in some countries.

Asia is one of the most prosperous markets for automotive industry. Hundreds of companies struggle to become the new car giant in Asia, however, achieving this is difficult, especially when you compete with other giants such as Toyota, Subaru and Honda.

It’s true that Asian people feel proud of their cars and their product quality has nothing to envy other prestigious Western brands. However, we must also admit something: there aren’t better cars than those made in Germany.

Germany was one of the countries where industrial revolution began. While in other places people still moved through horses, German society already knew motor-driven vehicles. Then, in World War II, Germany was one of the most advanced countries in arms matters. In fact, Ferdinand Porsche himself, in addition to designing cars, improved the design of some aircraft and war tanks to make them faster and more efficient at the battlefield. Destroying one of such machines was quite difficult and allies knew it.

Nowadays, Volkswagen cars are as durable and resistant as those machines from World War II. The same principles of Ferdinand Porsche continue to be kept, while Volkswagen continues to grow and evolve to recover the first place in sales worldwide.

Asians believe that there aren’t engines more durable than Toyota or faster than Subaru. For sure, none of them had the experience of driving a Volkswagen. Currently, there aren’t cars that can overcome Volkswagen Polo or Volkswagen Ameo. By far, these two surpass any model produced in Asia and the rest of the world.