Vans have always been the first choice for commercial purposes. People have been choosing vans that would run longer, with less maintenance.

With keeping these basic needs in mind, plus the added bonuses of high quality, eco-friendly and lower costs, Electric Vans are now available and affordable to many buyers.When Electric Vans started to become more available, many people were having concerned thoughts. But now the scene has changed and people are going for these Vans for their commercial purposes.

Buying an Electric Van comes with many great advantages and there are many happy customers!

Whats the benefit of an Electric Van for the driver?

If you are running these Electric Vans at any speed, they are always quiet. Even when starting up these vans there is no annoying sound – which is lovely for your neighbors, during those cold early mornings!

There is no leg tension from over-use of the clutch when in a long jam of traffic. Without the clutch problem and noise, the riding sensation becomes more exciting.

There is also no traditional gearbox in these vans so just adjust the ride in Reverse or Drive and keep moving. Many of these vans also have a power saver mode when the accelerator lever is not used. With the power being saved the vehicle is ready for longer runs than it used to be.

More than this, the vehicle is eco-friendly and does not produce too much pollution.Scheme of grants for Electric Vehicles in the UK

As the Electric Van is eco-friendly and does not produce CO2 the government of the UK is providing grants for buying them. This grant is one way of promoting the purchase of Vans which will always be beneficial for everyone. There is 20% grant which is up to £8,000 depending on the purchase price. Many people are taking this as the perfect opportunity to buy a magnificent van.

Available Vans to purchase are:

  • Renault Kangoo ZE
  • Nissan e-NV200
  • Citroen Berlingo
  • Peugeot ePartner
  • Mitsubishi Outlander Commercial
  • BD Otomotiv eDucato
  • BD Otomotive eTraffic

Purchasing these Vehicles

If you are looking for a grant scheme then there is a need to buy from legit dealers to take advantage of the scheme. SEEVS ELECTRIC VEHICLES in London, UK, are one of the genuine and authorized dealers of many commercial electric vehicles. They have a history of 30 years in the Electric Vehicle Industry.

With the growth of the Electric Vehicles industry, they are the best place to find the eVehicles and spare parts.