After purchasing a used vehicle, you want to properly maintain the vehicle. This helps it last as long as possible. Here are five of the top ways to maintain a used vehicle.

Regularly Change the Oil and Oil Filter

The best way to maintain a new or used car is to regularly change the oil and oil filter in the car. Oil needs to be replaced at different intervals. Always read your manufacturer’s guide to see how often they recommend replacing the oil. Replacing the oil helps to keep your engine clean and protected.

Replace the Air Filter Routinely

The air filter in your car needs to be routinely replaced as well. The air filter helps to filter out impurities in the air, such as dirt, dust, dander and debris, that can clog up your engine or other parts inside of your car. Replacing the air filter keeps your car cleaner and helps you to maximize your gas mileage.

Change the Windshield Wipers As Needed

Windshield wipers help to clear rain and moisture off of your windshield, allowing you to see clearly while driving. If your wipers are beginning to split or rip apart, or if they are leaving streaks behind on your windshield after you use them, it is time to invest in a new pair and replace the ones you have.

Check Your Battery

Auto repair shops and car part shops will typically test your battery for free. It is recommended you have your battery tested every six months. If the test reveals your battery is failing, you should replace it, before you find yourself with a car that won’t start.

Get Regular Auto Check-Ups

The last way to maintain your used vehicle is to get regular auto check-ups. During an auto check-up, a mechanic visually inspects your car, looking for items that may be in need of repair. This is a great way to catch leaks or belts that may be fraying before they turn into larger problems.

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