When shopping for a Chrysler, Indianapolis residents are often more likely to purchase a used car rather than new. Used vehicles are usually less expensive than a brand new one, but there are a number of other reasons why buying used is typically a better alternative than buying new. For example, buying a used car is a way to get a car that has all of the accessories you want, without having to pay the additional costs required when you buy the same model of a new car. There are a lot of great reasons to buy used, but buying a used car can have its problems, so here are a few tips to ensure you get the best used car for your money.Image result for What to Look For When Buying a Used Car

Inspecting Used Cars

Although you can buy a fully loaded used car for significantly less money than you would pay for a fully loaded new car, it is still extremely important that you completely inspect the Chrysler Indianapolis before you hand over your money. Some of the things you should look for during your inspection include:

  • The air conditioner and the heater-let the car run for several minutes, then turn on the air conditioner, which should be cool as soon as you turn it on and the same goes for the heater. If either of these are not working, it may be a sign of a more serious, more expensive problem.
  • Check the engine- let the car idle for a few minutes then check for fluid leaks and odors coming from the motor. Check the oil with the dip stick, if the oil looks dirty or has sludge, it means the oil has not been changed regularly and may end up damaging the motor. It is best to start the car after it has been resting for several hours. This will allow you to hear any sounds that you may not hear if the car is warm, such as scraping or clanking noises. It is important to also look for blue smoke when starting the car cold, this means the car is burning oil or if there is white smoke it means there may be anti-freeze in the engine.
  • Carefully inspect the body-stand behind the car and look closely to make sure the rear wheels line up behind the front wheels and that the body is correctly aligned. If the car looks off-center, it may mean the car was involved in an accident and may have a bent frame.
  • Check for water damage-check for interior water damage by carefully looking for replaced carpeting or upholstery. You should not smell any damp or musty odors either, which can be a clue of previous water damage.
  • Check the odometer-if an older car has unusually low mileage, it may mean the odometer was tampered with.

When shopping for a used Chrysler Indianapolis, do not be shy about asking the dealership questions about the car you’re considering, including the history of the car. Remember to always test drive any car you are considering buying and if at all possible, have a friend follow behind you during the test drive. Have the friend following you pay close attention to how the car looks while it is being driven. For example, does the car appear to drive straight or does it look like it may be pulling slightly to the right or left. The friend following may also be able to have a better view of the tires and the body of the car.