Podracers, NASCAR Style!

Anyone familiar with the Star Wars franchise will know what you mean by Podracers. They’re distinctive and everyone who’s seen the movies or played the video games has wanted one at some point.

Well, one of the internet’s biggest fads right now is taking two random concepts and shoving them together, posting them for fans to admire or hate on. ClickMechanic has done this, by taking a basic podracer design, and redesigning them as if modern car manufacturers had built them. In this case, they are modeled after brands with a huge presence in the sport of car racing.

  1. Ferrari Podracer (F1)

Even if you’re not familiar with car racing, you’ll recognize this name. With over 200 grand prix wins, this Italian company is a perfect pick for a bright red podracer!

2.Lamborghini Podracer (Blancpain GT Series)

After scoring three back-to-back wins in the Blancpain Series, Lamborghini already soars around a track. Is it really much of a stretch to imagine it doing the same through the air?

  1. Aston Martin Podracer (24 Hours of Le Mans)

Aston Martin had its best showing at Le Mans in 1959, but has stolen the title again this year! Such indomitable spirit is perfect for podracing!

4.Ford GT Podracer (24 Hours of Le Mans)

Henry Ford himself created the car that won Le Mans from 1966 to 1970. With it’s engines designed specifically for racing, it’s not far fetched to think it’d do well as a podracer.

  1. Subaru Podracer (World Rally Championship)

Over the course of 19 years, Subaru won multiple titles. With a combination of good looks and well-made machinery, this podracer would stand out!

6.BMW Podracer (European Touring Car Championship)

This German powerhouse had 28 wins in the ETC Championship alone. There’s no denying it would tear into podracing just the same!

  1. Dodge Podracer (NASCAR)

This brand has too many (217) wins in NASCAR to not be included in podracing!

Like the Death Star and Alderaan, these podracers would utterly destroy the classic competition!


Poster Source: ClickMechanic https://www.clickmechanic.com/infographics/star-wars-podracers