Basically, you can get a dirt bike if you own a car. All you need is a spare tire (new ones are more expensive than regular ones), and some tools to attach the whole thing together. There are no restrictions when it comes to purchasing your own bike, so that you can enjoy driving on the street.

If you want to get a “bump” on your back when driving on the street, then buy a dirt bike, and go with a “short” version, like the 50cc model. These may be a little more rugged than the usual types, but they are also a lot safer for urban use.

You might like to consider some of the interesting things you can do with a dirt bike. Below are a few ideas you can consider:

  • Get in a fight in the street. With this kind of bike, you can add a little bit of class to your sport car.
  • Drive around the neighborhood in a race. This is a good way to get a feel for how to handle the street. After all, you won’t be on the street for very long.
  • Rent a bike from the same place you rent a car. Then you can drive it home. It will be a great experience to see what a dirt bike is like to ride.
  • Ride it with friends. You don’t have to get another one or pay for the monthly insurance. It is easy to just drop someone off, then pick up your friend the next day.
  • Take it out for a ride. You can go riding with your friends, then bring it home later that night. You can enjoy this experience alone, or with your spouse.
  • Just hop around the neighborhood. To make a little extra money, you can leave the bike at a friend’s house. You can then take it home at a later date.
  • Go to the corner store. Grab one of the bikes there, then sell it back to the owner. You can then get another one to ride around.
  • Turn them into race bikes. You can get one of these to become a racing bike for you and a group of friends.

KTM 50cc MX Dirt Bike Race

The reason to get these is to make your life easier, and to just have fun. But before you hit the streets, make sure you know the rules about these bikes.