You can easily perform your own coolant flush if there are instructions for draining out the liquid from the cooling system in your owner’s manual. If you don’t have a manual or there are no instructions in it for performing coolants flush, then you can follow these steps mentioned below to change the car coolant without harming the environment.

Coolant Flush

  1. Park your car in a safe location, which should be away from small children and animals.

The first thing which you have to do is to make sure that your car engine is cold and its ignition is totally off. Then turn on your car parking brake.

  1. Place a bucket under the drain valve at the bottom of the radiator.

The bucket should have the capacity to hold around two gallons of liquid at least.

  1. Carefully open the drain valve and allow the liquid to smoothly drain in the bucket.

Make sure that the liquid which is draining out is collected in the bucket and should not be drained onto the ground or sewer.

  1. Close the drain valve and then you can pour the used liquid into the containers.

You can always differentiate between them by labelling them as “antifreeze” or “coolant” and make sure to keep them away from the pets and your kids. Later you can dispose them of safely. You can use a funnel or some old gallon water jugs and make sure that you pour the liquid carefully without spilling it on the ground.

  1. Open your radiator pressure cap and fill it with water.

Run your car engine with heater control for some time. Make sure that your car engine should not overheat and continuously keep an eye on the temperature gauge. If you car has an engine temperature warning light, then you can shut it off as soon as it lights up.

  1. Allow your engine to cool by shutting it off.

Now if you are able to touch the radiator as it has cooled down, then drain the water out of the system into the bucket and carefully transfer it into a container for disposal. You can always label the containers as toxic water to prevent accidents.

  1. Close the drain plug and refill the entire system with water as well as coolant.

You need to find the number of quarts that your cooling system holds and this can be achieved by consulting your owner’s manual. A lot of coolants these days are pre diluted with water. If you are thinking of purchasing a coolant, then divide that number by two and buy that amount of coolant. Now the amount of water and coolant would be equal.

  1. Disperse the water and your coolant completely.

Let the engine run with its heater on and replace its pressure cap. Let the heater be on high unless and until the temperature gauge reaches normal.

  1. Shut your engine off and clean it.

Place all the contaminated rags into the plastic bags and put all of them into the garbage and the coolant which is unused should be stored safely away from the kids and pets.

  1. Check the liquid level in the recovery system reservoir after you have driven your car for few days.

If it turns low again in a few more days, then get your system checked at a service facility.

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