Caring for your car involves replacing some components every so often. Beyond the change of oil and tires, there are other elements that you must replace every so often or from certain kilometers. Although some people would opt to sell their problem cars to Melbourne car removal agencies.

Here is a list of nine of them:

Interior Filters

Must be changed every 15,000 km or, at least, once a year. If you choose not to, the air conditioning system of your vehicle will work in a forced manner and increase the possibility of faults.

Engine Filters

Always respect the mileage proposed by the manufacturer. Check the air filter every ten thousand km and replace it every twenty thousand km; change the oil filter every time a lubricant change is made; In diesel engines, the fuel filter must be changed every 2years or 40,000 km, and in the gasoline engine, every 2years or sixty thousand km.

Air Conditioning

This system requires a review every 2years in your workshop of confidence to prevent complex and expensive breakdowns. If you do, you will lengthen its life and prevent the loss of refrigerant.


You should check your status before each long trip. However, it is advisable to change the lamps every 50,000 km or every 2years as a widespread rule, although some have a longer useful life and it is recommended to change them every 100,000 km.

Spark Plugs and Heaters

Their useful life depends on their characteristics, type of fuel and driving conditions. In this way, modern spark plugs support between 30,000 and 60,000 km before being replaced.


Discs and brake pads do not present an exact number of kilometers since their replacement will depend largely on the vehicle and your driving. However, it is advisable to control the wear of both elements every twenty thousand km, taking observations that the front pads wear twice as much as the rear ones. If your car has drum brakes, bear in mind that the average duration of a rear braking kit is 80,000 km and a revision is recommended every 30,000 km.


Its approximate useful life is around four or five years. However, this might change based on the driving, the number of starts and the brand of the power unit [battery]. Also, attention must be paid to the status of the sensors and actuators that contribute to the correct operation of the motor.

Distribution Belt

It must be replaced between 100,000 km and 120,000 km to avoid serious degeneration of the engine.

Wiper Blades

Occasionally, you should replace them to be certain they work effectively when necessary. Your visibility will rely on it.

If you do all these and your car still gives you a problem, you should consider buying a new one by getting noble cash for cars that are problematic.