Most people in need of Cash for Car services in Perth often desire to get top dollars for their old and used cars as normally advertised by the removal companies. However, a good number of them do get disappointed when they are finally given an offer, only for them to realise that the offer is actually not what they had expected.

Before you put the cart before the horse and have your expectation up in the sky as to the amount of money your old car can fetch, you should have an understanding of the valuation process so that you have your expectations right when making the call to ask for an offer.

Here are some of the key considerations for the valuation:

The type of car and the manufacturer in Perth

It is a fact that the Car Removal Companies in Perth will never turn you away because of the make or model of your car, but they will definitely consider these when working out an offer for you. As far as the make and the model is concerned, the large the cars, the more money it will fetch. Again, luxury cars will also attract higher rates compared to ordinary sedans.

The age of the car

The age of the car has a direct impact on the final value of your car and this is for the obvious reasons. Older cars will have a lower value compared to relatively new cars and the longer you take to sell your car, the lower the value it will fetch. Cars which have been used for a long time will have their parts worn out and if the car was to be dismantled by the “Car Wrecker Perth” and the parts sold individually, the older parts may either lack market or sell at very low rates.

The car’s actual condition

Again in most of their marketing, the car removal companies in Perth will advertise that they accept cars in any condition, but the actual condition will be taken into consideration when working out the value of the car. If you have a car that is still road worthy and one which has stalled for decades, the former is likely to sell at a higher rate compared to the latter. This is because the former may have parts which can be salvaged and sold for use in other cars, but the latter will only be sold for the value of its scrap metal.

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