There are frequent questions that often customers ask, before changing the shock absorbers for your vehicle and given the interest of having the best information before making a decision. You must know a few basic questions that are asked every day.

There are dozens of brands that market shock absorbers in the market and ask which the best brand of shock absorbers is. One of the most important points is that they have quality certifications for the automotive industry (as is ISO 16949).

Why is it important to change?

Worn front shock absorbers generate vibration when braking, a greater weight of the vehicle is transferred to the front tires, this generates that the vehicle does not respond quickly when making sudden maneuvers. Some dampers have fault. The vehicle has less contact with the ground and therefore the tires begin to wear unevenly. When this happens in addition to having to change the shock absorbers it is necessary to change the tires.

The vehicle

The type of vehicle influences the total price of changing shock absorbers. In the case of light vehicles such as the Chevy or Tsuru the price is lower than a shock absorber for trucks like the Ford Ranger. There are also vehicles that have special systems such as Nivomat and having a special suspension each shock absorber is more expensive than a traditional system.

When looking for your Lowering springs, have on hand the year of your vehicle, the liters you have and in some cases if it is important you will be asked for the type of traction. This information is important for your shock absorber vendor to offer you the correct ones.

When do you have to change the shock absorbers?

It is a question that you do little and it is vital. The shock absorbers, along with the tires, are a basic element that guarantees the safety in your vehicle. All drivers should ask this question more regularly. The shock absorbers are a fundamental part of the suspension and one of the most important elements, together with the tires, that guarantee your safety on the road.

How to check the condition of the shock absorbers?

Even if you think that your car’s shock absorbers are in perfect condition, you are wrong because you are not the expert. Exert strong pressure towards the ground at either end of your car. If the body lowers but then returns to its original position slowly and stable, the shock absorbers are in good condition. A car that passes the ITV suspension test does not mean that the suspension is in perfect condition. This is a tip that you should keep in mind when buying a second-hand car. It is convenient to have them reviewed in a trustworthy workshop.