Genesis understands that the client’s time irreplaceable. Hence the customer’s convenience is the top priority of the company. Clementon Genesis dealer makes sure that the customers’ needs are met at all costs. In order to book an appointment for service and maintenance, the customer should request for a service valet and the Genesis team will come to the customer’s preferable location and would conduct and a pickup of the customer’s vehicle. In the meantime, a Genesis loaner will also be provided by the company. The service valet is complimentary for the first three years.

Customer Experience

One of the most satisfied customers of Genesis is Ron Jaworski. Taking a peek into his life will give a clear picture about the customer satisfaction of the company. Ron Jaworski has a very hectic schedule and the recently purchased G90 from Genesis which have given him immense pleasure and satisfaction. Ron Jaworski was highly impressed when he heard about the Genesis loaner. Ron Jaworski did not have to comprise of his comfort since his car was being serviced and he did not have the car to do the daily work. The company gave Ron Jaworski a Genesis loaner with the full tank which meets all the needs of his daily work schedule.

Timely service

When a customer buys a car from the company. The individual has already got an added advantage of scheduled service. The trained technicians of the Genesis company ensures that the very best customer service is met. The team also ensures that once the car is repaired the customer will feel like that he is driving a new car. In order to get such an exceptional service contact the company and schedule an appointment. The team will welcome you with a smile on their faces and is always ready to help the customer.


To ensure that a genesis asset is working properly. The company does a maintenance service. This service is easy and takes few minutes of your time. The customer needs to fill up a form online about the problems they are facing with current genesis vehicle. Once the form is filled up the Genesis team will contact the customer. Instant estimation will be done to show the customer that what are the problems faced by the car which require maintenance.


Sometimes a customer just wants to buy stuff online to make the car look more attractive. By going into the official website of the company all necessary accessories are listed which will make the customer’s car more attractive.  All the necessary equipment’s of 2017 and 2018 sedans can be found out by just going service section of Genesis which will have sub tab known as Genesis Accessories. The customer can purchase these accessories online and to make this cost-effective the company has given an installation guide. The guide is easy to read and totally understandable. This is brilliant marketing technique by Genesis dealer Clementon.


Every genre is the vehicle is powered by the roadside assistance and concierge services. The roadside assistance is provided to ensure safety and repair of the customer’s vehicle. This plan provides assistance at any preferable location suggested by the customer. Most common issues solved by Roadside assistance are dead batteries, lock service, and flat tires