Toyota is a tried and true car brand that you can trust. Pick your perfect make and model with this ultimate Toyota buyers guide.

Are you looking for the perfect car for you?

You can’t rely on public transportation to be the best option for you for transport anymore. Prices have increased and it can be a risk to your health to be in a vehicle with strangers nowadays. These make investing in a private car even more important.

With all the brands out there today, though, how will you pick the best car for you? If there’s nothing else for you to go on, you can always trust Toyota. With a catalog of amazing cars behind them, you can trust that any model you pick from their lineup will serve you well.

Read on to know all you need to know about Toyota cars. Choose the best model that suits your needs now!

  1. Sedans

Being what Toyota is famous for, their sedans are few but are among the most reliable cars you can get. The company perfected its models by keeping them in production for the longest time until they deemed it ready for public use. Because of this, you can be sure that any sedan you get will be worth the investment.

The company only has 3 models for their sedans; the Corolla, Camry, and the Avalon. The Camry is their most famous sedan because of how each model appeals to different buyers. You will always find a Camry that checks every box on your list if you look hard enough.

If you want all the things the Camry offers, but want a larger trunk space, then the Avalon is for you. This fuel-efficient cousin to the Camry gives you and 4 passengers a smooth and quiet ride.

Being the oldest sedan model in the list, the Toyota Corolla is now in its 11th generation. This means it has the most upgrades among the sedans since its debut. An amazing fuel economy, comfortable seating, and strength to match its brothers are the results of those upgrades.

  1. SUVs and Crossovers

If you’re looking for enough power to travel long distances without rest, then you’re looking for a good SUV or Crossover. Make no mistake, despite their names, they function the same way. They are great at transporting you, your passengers, and your cargo over long distances.

FJ Cruisers are among the best SUVs that the company produced. It has the power that people look for in an SUV, being able to tow up to 5,000 pounds with the help of its V6 engine. The only problem that it’s a discontinued model, making it hard to look for, and expensive to get if you find one.

Go for a 4Runner, instead, if you want something similar to the FJ Cruiser. It’s much easier to find one since it’s not a discontinued model. It’s not as strong as the FJ Cruiser, but its off-road capabilities are among the best.

If you want to fit more passengers, though, then get yourself a Highlander. It can fit a group of 7 without anyone feeling cramped. It’s also among the few cars that can reach 200,000 miles with no issue.

  1. Trucks

While the company doesn’t have as many models for their trucks as they have for SUVs, their trucks set customers’ expectations high. The Tacoma and Tundra both have an amazing hauling capacity and can carry great loads.

While the Tundra is superior to the Tacoma in every way, ignoring the latter is a big mistake. Its smaller size makes it easier for the Tacoma to access any off-road paths that the Tundra is too big to fit in. It’s the better choice if you’re going to navigate narrow roads in your area. You can simply browse for toyota trucks for sale logan ut to get the best deals.

  1. Minivans

Having only 1 model in their catalog, the Sienna sets expectations for any minivan the company will release after it. What’s great is that it sets the bar high with its functionality.

It’s the only minivan that has an all-wheel-drive option. This alone puts it a cut above the other minivans on the market today. This means you can load the minivan on one side of the car and it will still perform at its best.

The Sienna also has a V6 engine under its hood. This ensures that you can go at a steady pace with no issue regardless of the weight of your cargo. It’s a great way to have an efficient trip with your cargo and family in tow.

  1. Compacts

If you’re looking for a car that fits your budget, look no further than the compacts that the company offers. These are great if you’re only looking for a way to transport you and others to different places.

The Matrix is among the few compacts the company produced with pleasing results. It’s like the Corolla when it comes to the engine and aesthetics. Despite its size, it’s also as roomy as the Corolla is when it comes to leg space.

If you want the best car for the city, grab yourself a Yaris. It’s no coincidence that it’s among the best cars in 2019. The maneuverability it offers in a city comes second to none and can help you finish your tasks around the city.

  1. Hybrids

Prius has only 1 model under its hybrid catalog. The Prius has lots of variants, though, that your Toyota dealer will introduce when you ask.

The original Prius carries 2 electric motors that mix with a 1.8L gas engine. It’s a great choice if you want to get around the city without spending much on fuel.

If you want a smaller one, try the Prius C. This is a smaller variant that is also more efficient in fuel consumption. It’s also quieter than the original one, making it a better fit if you have a child you want to put to sleep in the back.

These are the better options for cars by the most reliable company today. Go to your local dealership and find a car that suits your fancy.

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Toyota is among the giants in the industry. Check their catalog and find the perfect car for you today! Don’t hesitate to refer back to this list to check your options!

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