Moose fat bikes are premium bikes, and we ensure that they are affordable, luxurious and comfortable while taking that adventure. The moose bike making process is accurate and precise. The company has a variety of bikes, but we concentrate on the more superior model 3.0. The Model 3.0 moose bike cost more than the other two other version of the Fat bike and has excellent features. It’s more suitable for the experienced rider as it comes with a higher speed

Moose bike model 3.0 Features

Frame and Fork

The Moose Fat Bike model 3.0 comes with a structure that has a tapered tube which ensures the bike is stiffer and firmer and prevents the adjusting tubes from cracking. The moose bike has a fork made RockShox Bluto air all. The bike frame has a vital role in determining the overall bike weight.


 The 3.0 model comes with a hydraulic disc brake which is readily adaptable. It has a braking system for maximum comfort and performance. The mineral oil for brakes is corrosive resistant and shim less system for easy installation and set-up.


The saddle has the most intimate encounter with the rider. The 3.0 version has a leather saddle which ensures comfort and maintains the right position throughout the adventurous journey. The seat gives the rider the support he requires. Depending on the size of the bike you choose the bike saddle is spacious enough to make sure you are comfortable as you ride.

Fat Bike Chain

The 3.0 model comes with a Shimano HG 701 Ps 11 chain that uses low friction oil-tec treatment for inner and outer link plates. The bike offers the highest speed among the various moose brands which suits the experienced rider.

Aluminium Rims

The 3.0 bike has aluminum rims which are not bulky and makes the bike lightweight making the acceleration faster. Lightweight will enable the bike to remain afloat in mud or snow.


The 3.0 model fat bike has a large tire measuring 26*4.8 inches. The bigger the tire, the better the bike. Huge tires will ensure the bike is sturdy and has more traction.


The 3.0 Moose Fat bike comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame. The assurance comes in handy in case of any malfunction.

The 3.0 moose fat has more features that make it superior. The features include a rear derailer, a rear shifter, and RR gear set that makes the derailer excellent. The moose fat bike comes in three sizes. It has a small, medium and large. To check the perfect size; one should buy visit out the website at and check out the chart size. Once check the size pay using either credit, debit card or PayPal. The Fat bike shipment will arrive in 2 to 10 days. The 3.0 moose fat bike is an ideal racing partner. We have a return policy that allows the client to ship back should they feel that is not what they want. We have insurance that covers all our products against any loss or damage and so is sure that during transit the bike will get to you.